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Biaheza Net Worth, Age, Youtube Earnings (2021)

How Does Biaheza Make Money?

Biaheza is a popular Youtuber and drop shipper. He has almost 800k subscribers on Youtube and according to social blade, his channel is growing with about 35k per month.

His birthday is on 5 February, 2001, meaning Biaheza is 20 years old.

Biaheza has many income sources:

  • Youtube Ad Revenue
  • Dropshipping stores
  • His dropshipping course
  • Investments
  • Rental income from tenants

How Much Money Does Biaheza Make?

Biaheza likely makes between $100,000 and $150,000 per month from his Youtube channel, dropshipping stores, courses, investments, and tenants.

Here’s how we estimated this based on the insights he shares in his youtube videos:

How much Biaheza makes from youtube:

In a November 2020 video on his Youtube channel, Biaheza showed us some insight on how much money he makes from Youtube.

From this video we learned two things:

  • Biaheza made has made a total of $594,587.00 USD from Youtube
  • Biaheza has an average RPM (Revenue per 1000 viewers) of $16.09

Using this video, we can quickly calculate how much Biaheza earns per month from Youtube.

According to Social Blade, Biaheza averages 2.5 million views on his Youtube channel. If we multiply that with an average RPM of $16.09 we reach $40,225. Thus:

Biaheza makes an estimated $40,225 USD from Youtube Advertisements per month.

Biaheza’s investments

Biaheza has a total of $1,124,653 USD invested in real estate, stocks, options, crypto, and precious metals.

Biaheza is very open about all of his investments and in a November 2020 video featuring Graham Stephan, he gave us a full summary of his real estate and stock investments.

Here’s a complete sum up of everything in the portfolio.

Total invested in stocks, options and ETFs: $279,565

  • Robinhood: $109,423.13, started from 47k
  • TD Ameritrade: $218,555.82, started from 164k
  • Merrill: $84,533.98
  • Roth IRA: $17,259.96

Crypto Portfolio: $44,369.61 (if he still has this exact portfolio, it would be worth over $161,000 USD at the time of writing in March 2021 due to the huge price increase of BTC and ETH)

Precious metals: $19,000

Real estate total: $631,000

  • Home #1: $191,514 equity (worth 419k)
  • Home #2: $430k equity (estimated)

Biaheza’s Portfolio total: $1,124,653 USD

How much Biaheza makes from dropshipping:

In an October 2019 video, Biaheza revealed that he makes around $100k profit per month from dropshipping.

What Is Biaheza Net Worth?

Biaheza’s estimated net worth is $1.5 – 2 million USD.

We know from his Youtube video that he’s worth at least $1,124,653 but that video was released 5 months ago and his portfolio has likely gone up a lot since. Not to mention his bitcoin and ethereum investments have surged so his net worth is likely closer to $1.5m at this time.

On the Iced Coffee Hour Podcast, which was published 5 months ago, Biaheza revealed his net worth is around $1.5 million.

How Did Biaheza Get Started?

  • In middle school, Biaheza started creating Instagram theme pages and sold ads for these pages, this side-hustle eventually lead him to discover dropshipping.
  • After finding out about dropshipping, Biaheza started sending his Instagram traffic to his own dropshipping products and it worked extremely well. Using his own theme pages and thus not investing a dime in ads, he made 33k sales in one month using Instagram dropshipping.
  • In November 2018, Biaheza released his first video, sharing his success with dropshipping and that video went viral and he has been rising in popularity on the platform ever since.
  • He would eventually switch over to Facebook Ads to make his stores more automated and he reached his first 6 figure revenue month in April 2019 where he made $136k. The next month he made $324k.
  • At 19 years old, Biaheza is a millionaire thanks to his many online businesses and his investments

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