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6 Dropshipping YouTubers That You WILL Learn From in 2021

In 2021, Dropshipping is as popular as ever. This business-model is SO popular you’ll find hundreds of Youtube videos to help you out.

However, many of these videos are designed to leave out a lot of valuable information in order to get you to purchase their dropshipping course.

You DON’T need a dropshipping course to get started with dropshipping. There is simply SO much FREE information at your disposal online!

Here are 6 Dropshipping Youtubers that I personally follow and learn from.

1. Kamil Sattar (The Ecom King)

Kamil Sattar (The Ecom King) is one of my favorite dropshipping Youtubers at the moment.

He shares so much valuable information and does so completely for free, not a single dropshipping course in the description.

In fact, many of his most popular videos are complete 4 – 6 hour long FREE dropshipping courses.

Some examples:

The list goes on…

If you’re looking for a no-bs dropshipping Youtube channel, Kamil Sattar, The Ecom King, is your guy.

The Ecom King is one of the fastest-growing dropshipping Youtubers, he has 180k subscribers at the moment of writing and grew with 12k in the last month according to social blade.

2. Wholesale Ted

While Kamil Sattar is one of the newer dropshipping channels on Youtube, Wholesale Ted is who I was watching back in 2017 when I first got started with dropshipping.

I must have watched every single video she posted back in the day!

Wholesale Ted’s channel is a mixture of dropshipping, print on demand, and general e-commerce.

She may have shifted a bit more to the print-on-demand side in recent months but that still falls within the dropshipping space.

On the Wholesale Ted channel, you’ll find lots of valuable case studies, in-depth courses and more.

Sarah Crisp is 100% worth checking out for anything e-commerce.

Sarah is very well-regarded in the e-commerce space and has a whopping 750k subscribers. According to Social Blade, her channel grows with around 30k subscribers per month.

3. Verum Ecom

If you like free dropshipping courses and crazy dropshipping case-studies, Verum Ecom is the dropshipping Youtuber you’ve been looking for.

Just like Kamil Sattar, this is one of the ‘newer’ dropshipping YouTube channels out there don’t let that impact your decision, John Yoon knows what he’s talking about.

John Yoon has a couple of free dropshipping courses such as:

…and much more FREE content on his Youtube channel!

Verum Ecom isn’t the most active dropshipping youtube channel though, they only release a new video every couple of months but it’s right on the money every time.

That also means they don’t post any bs on their channel to in order to monetize their subscribers.

You should 100% check out the Verum Ecom dropshipping videos, I guarantee you will learn something new, even if you’ve been in the dropshipping space for a while. I know I did.

Even though they only release a new video every couple of months, they still have amassed a whopping 116k subscribers! According to Social Blade, the verum ecom channel grows with only 5k subscribers per month but that likely picks up a lot every time they post.

4. Gabriel St-Germain

Gabriel St-Germain was one of my favorite dropshipping Youtubers back in the day and I probably learned the most from him.

But sadly, he no longer posts on his Youtube channel as of July 2019…

In a separate article, I’ve explained exactly what happened to Gabriel St-Germain, but if you need the short story: he’s simply onto better things.

Gabriel is now busy building branded stores and has stepped away from the dropshipping business model.

His dropshipping videos, courses and cases studies are still on his YouTube channel though so he definitely deserved a spot on this list.

While you might be scared the videos are outdated, there is still SO MUCH you can learn from Gabriel St-Germain as he truly was a gamechanger in the dropshipping field.

It would be a true shame if new dropshippers didn’t check out his videos…

Gabriel has around 230k subscribers on his abandoned Youtube Channel. Thanks to our study on how much YouTubers make, we can conclude that Gabriel St-Germain is missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in youtube ad revenue alone by not posting anymore. I guess he simply doesn’t need it. What a legend.

4. Nate Schmidt

Nate Schmidt is the smallest dropshipping YouTuber on this list but don’t let that mislead you: he has valuable dropshipping content and you can learn a lot from his videos.

Nate isn’t your typical dropshipping YouTuber, there are no clickbaity and fomo-inducing product titles and thumbnails.

He’s not about that get-rich-quick life, he’s about hard work and I can 100% respect that attitude.

Some of my favorite videos of his are:

Nate Schmidt is a dropshipping Youtuber you should be checking out in 2021, I believe he has a thing or two to share and his subscriber count will likely start picking up soon.

5. Oberlo

Now, this may look a bit odd amongst all these ‘individual’ YouTubers on this list, but I think as the face of dropshipping (let’s face it, Oberlo IS the face of dropshipping) they deserve a spot on this list.

And whether you use Oberlo or not, whether you like them or not, they are VERY good at promoting dropshipping and at creating dropshipping content.

Seriously, you can learn a lot from Oberlo through their blog and Youtube Channels alone.

The Oberlo youtube channel is stock full of dropshipping case studies and interviews that can help you out A LOT by watching them.

After all, in order to achieve success, you need to make a lot of mistakes first and by watching and reading dropshipping success stories you can definitely learn a thing or two.

Oberlo employs many content creators who are constantly trying to feed us with information about dropshipping, it would be a shame if you didn’t actually watch these free videos.


That’s it. Those are the dropshipping YouTube channels that I personally am subscribed to and learn from on a daily basis.

I’m convinced you can learn from them as well on your way to become a successfull dropshipper!

Here they are once more:

  1. Kamil Sattar (The Ecom King)
  2. Wholesale Ted
  3. Verum Ecom
  4. Gabriel St-Germain
  5. Nate Schmidt
  6. Oberlo

This list may be a bit short, as there are hundreds of dropshipping Youtubers out there, but these are the people I actively watch and I truly believe are ‘gamechangers’ in the dropshipping space.

I definitely left out a big name or two but that’s mainly because I know their content is recycled and produced to create hype, many of these dropshipping videos are simply are created to get you to sign up for their course…

Do you know any dropshipping YouTube channels that didn’t make this list but should? Let me know in by commenting below.

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