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How to Drop Ship on the Facebook Marketplace (step-by-step)

Want to make some extra side money working from home without making upfront investments?

You can, by leveraging Facebook Marketplace to re-sell products from Amazon, Walmart, and other eCommerce sites!

In this article, I will cover the novel method of dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace.

What is Drop Shipping?

Dropshipping is the act of selling goods online that you don’t have hold inventory off yourself.

Instead, you are using a third-party supplier to fulfill goods for you.

This way you can sell just about anything online, without having to invest upfront and take risks in getting inventory yourself.

What is the Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is a hub within Facebook where anyone can buy and sell items.

The Facebook Marketplace is built in to Facebook and you don’t need to provide any extra information to get access. 

Buyers can filter by category, price and location and negotiation is done through the Facebook Messenger app. 

How Does Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace Work?

With dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace, you’ll basically be reselling items from Walmart, Amazon, and other e-commerce giants with a 10-20% markup. 

So say you can get a kitchen appliance for $50 on Walmart, you can sell that same appliance on the Facebook Marketplace for $60.

You’ll keep $10 for every purchase of that kitchen appliance.

This might not seem like a lot, but you can quickly upload many different products and profits can quickly stack up.

Why Drop Ship on the Facebook Marketplace..?

Facebook has over 2.74 billion monthly active users and according to Mark Zuckerberg, over 800 million of those people, visit the Facebook Marketplace each month. 

That’s a huge audience that you gain instant access to, all from the security of your personal Facebook account.

And that’s part of its magic. 

While buyers on Craigslist and other platforms are pretty niche and far from ‘casuals’, Facebook Marketplace is flooded with these casuals. 

The advantage? Huge.

A while ago, my grandma asked me to place some of her antiques online as she had trouble selling them off on other dedicated platforms. 

She barely received messages and the ones who did message, were chopping her prices in half. 

When I put her antiques on the Facebook Marketplace, I got messages almost instantly. 

The first two pieces sold within just one day. 

These same pieces had been online for over a month on other platforms without success. 

These platforms simply don’t have the user base and access to casual buyers as the Facebook Marketplace does. 

As a dropshipper, you can leverage the Facebook Marketplace to your advantage.

Not convinced yet? Check out this 1-week experiment by Youtuber Paul Lipsky.

Pros of Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace

  • Facebook Marketplace is free to use
  • Facebook takes no fees for items sold
  • Facebook has shipping and checkout options in the US
  • Gain access to 800 million monthly shoppers

Cons of Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace

  • There is no stock option, you will have to re-upload every time a product gets sold
  • Profit margins are small

How to Drop Ship on the Facebook Marketplace

Step 1 — Find products you want to sell

While product and niche research is really important for Shopify dropshipping, for dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace you really don’t have to put that much thought into it. 

You want to find products that will sell well to an older audience (that’s the best audience for FB Marketplace).

Examples are:

  • Furniture
  • Household items

Step 2 — List the items on the Facebook Marketplace

Listing items on the facebook marketplace is very quick and easy.

Upload your product images

Since you’re reselling items, you simply want to re-upload the product images your supplier is using on your marketplace listing.

Add a title

Your title should be long and keyword-heavy.

Let’s say you’re selling a blender. Don’t call your listing ‘smoothie blender’, this is too short and will result in very few views on your listing.

Instead go for something like ‘[brand name] Smoothie Blender with 10 Speeds’.

By stuffing your title with keywords, your listing will get far more views. Just make sure it remains readable.

Add your price

You want to add 10-20% markup to the original price.

If the price on Walmart is $50, list it for $55 or $60.


Add the category that resembles your product, keep this as accurate as possible as people do filter by category.


Since you’ll be dropshipping products, set the condition to new.


Your description is very important, after all, your description should convince your customers this is the product for them.

You can copy/paste the description from the Walmart or Amazon listing.

Product Tags

Add relevant keywords here.

For example, for a smoothie blender, you would use keywords such as kitchen, kitchen appliance, blender, smoothie blender, and so on.

Delivery Method

For dropshipping, you want to set your delivery method to ‘Shipping Only’, your shipping option to ‘use your own shipping label’, and shipping cost to free.

Publish your Listing

Step 3 — Fulfill orders

Once you’ve received an order, simply go to your suppliers website and order the product with the name and address of your customer.

That’s it! You just drop shipped a product on the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping FAQs

Is dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace allowed?

Dropshipping itself is completely legal. Facebook currently has no rules or policy in place against dropshipping, so yes, you can dropship on Facebook.

Will my FB friends and feed be notified of my Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping activity?

No your friends cannot see what you post on the Facebook Marketplace.

Your goods will only appear on your Facebook feed if you share them to your feed directly.

Is Facebook Marketplace dropshipping only available in the US?

No. Currently, the US has the ‘shipping’ and ‘checkout’ options for the Facebook Marketplace, this is what allows you to re-sell goods from Amazon, Walmart, and other places.

How long does it take for Facebook Marketplace to release funds?

Facebook will hold your funds for 5 days after your order is shipped. This means you cannot use the money your customer paid you to purchase the goods you’re selling.


Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace is a nice and easy way to make some extra cash on the side.

You’ll only make about $5-20 per order but those can quickly stack up.

You can get started from your personal Facebook account and listing your first items will only take a couple of minutes of your time.

What’s Better than Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace?

Dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace can make you a nice amount of extra money. But you will be limited by certain factors such as:

  • Every order has to be fulfilled manually, which will take quite a bit of time out of your day
  • Every time something gets ordered, you have to re-upload the listing to sell it again
  • Every listing has to be reviewed by Facebook

Clearly, dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace is capped and not very scalable.

While you can see good results, like Paul Lipsky’s one week experiment where he made $600 in just one week of dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace.

You are very limited in time and scaling.

You should also know that Facebook can ruin your business model at any point.

This means they can:

  • Create a policy against Facebook Marketplace dropshipping
  • Charge fees on every order, cutting into your profit margins

Clearly, this business model is flawed and capped.

Which business model isn’t capped? Dropshipping using your on Shopify webshop.

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