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How to Extend your Shopify Free Trial (Get a 90-Day Trial!)

By default, the free Shopify trial lasts 14 days.

In those 14 days you can set up your store, install a theme, install apps, add products and more.

Once the 14-day trial ends, you no longer have access to the Shopify dashboard and Shopify will prompt you to purchase the basic plan to continue your access.

For many people, the 14 day trial simply isn’t enough.

Your day-time job or personal affairs could get in the way of things.

Either way, 14 days is a very small window to set up your shop and results in many people have to pay for Shopify way before they can actually launch their store.

So can you extend the Shopify free trial?

Turns out you can.

While there is no button in your Shopify dashboard to get this done automatically, you can ask Shopify support for an extension.

And as long as you provide a clear reason (i.e. you need more time to get started) + your sign-up email address and [YOURSTORE].myshopify.com url they will definitely grant you an extension.

So simply head on over to Shopify support, either through chat or email and ask a representative for an extension.

How to extend the Shopify free trial from 14 days to 90 days

You can copy paste the following format:


I’ve been working on getting my store [insert-storename].myshopify.com ready for launch. I’m currently using your generous 14-day trial but I think I’m going to need a bit more time to get things just right. Do you think I could get an extension so I can get my account ready for launch before I purchase the basic plan? Thanks in advance.

By using that exact message the Shopify representative will grant you an extension up to 90 days.

That should definitely be enough to get your store ready for launch!

What’s Included in the Free Shopify Trial?

As you may or may not know, the Shopify trial does not include all features of a regular Shopify plan.

Shopify allows you access to just about every feature except making sales.

Here’s what you CAN do:

  • Access your dashboard
  • Add & customize your theme
  • Add products to your store
  • Add apps to your store
  • Set up your custom domain
  • Set up payments
  • Add pages & posts

Basically, you can fully set up your store, but you cannot make sales.

What Can You Use the Shopify Trial For?

The Shopify trial can be used to start many different business ventures.

Here’s a list of 3 Shopify business models I cover on this blog:

  • Drop Shipping
  • Print on Demand
  • Drop Servicing

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the act of selling products online that you don’t hold inventory of. A separate supplier is fulfilling orders for you.

This way you don’t need to invest in your own inventory and take big risks. You can get started with your own online store, for a very limited amount of money.

Here’s a quick example of how drop shipping works:

how dropshipping works

A customer lands on your Shopify store and decides to make a purchase for a watch, she pays $100.

You then purchase the same watch for $20 on AliExpress and ship it to the address provided by your customer.

You, as a drop shipping store owner, keep the $80 difference.

Interested? Read how you can get started with Shopify Drop shipping.

Print on Demand

Print on Demand falls within the drop shipping business model. With Print on Demand, you sell your own custom designs on products such as t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, stickers, and more.

This is a great way for designers and creative people to make extra money with their designs.

But also to capitalize on trends, hobby’s, holidays and other niches.

Here’s a quick example of how print on demand works:

A customer lands on your Shopify store and decides to purchase a printed yoga mat for $80.

Your order is then automatically fulfilled by your print on demand supplier (e.g. Printful) who will both print your design on one of their yoga mats and ship the printed result to your customers address.

The supplier charges you $40 for the service and you keep the $40 difference.

Interested? Read how you can get started with print on demand.

Drop Servicing

Drop Servicing is kind of similar to drop shipping but instead of re-selling products you are re-selling services.

For example, you can set up a drop servicing business where you re-sell Fiverr gigs.

Here’s a quick example of how this works:

how drop servicing works

A client lands on your Shopify drop servicing website and decides to purchase a logo service from you for $200.

You then order the logo gig from your Fiverr freelancer for $50 who will take care of the entire service for you.

Once done, you deliver the finished logo to your client and keep the $150 difference.

Your client only speaks with you and never your freelancer.

Interested? Here’s how you can get started with drop servicing using Shopify.

Shopify Trial: Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the 90-day Shopify trial?

Shopify had a 90-day trial available at the start of the pandemic. This was only a temporary promotion and is no longer the case.

Shopify has now defaulted back to the 14-day trial but you can still ask Shopify support for a trial extension, which they will gladly grant you.

What happened to the 60-day Shopify trial?

The 60 day Shopify trial is no longer available. If you need more than 14-days you will have to ask Shopify support for an extension.

What happened to the 30-day Shopify trial?

Back in the day, the standard Shopify trial used to be 30 days long. This was later changed to a 14-day trial and hasn’t changed since.

How Much is Shopify After the Free Trial?

Once your Shopify trial ends you can get the Shopify basic plan for $29 a month.

How Long is the Shopify Free Trial?

The Shopify trial is only 14-days long. This article will show you how you can get an extension by contacting Shopify support.

Can I get orders while on the Shopify Trial?

No, you cannot get orders on Shopify until you select a paid plan.

How can I get a 90 day Shopify Trial?

You can get a 90 day Shopify trial by signing up for the regular Shopify trial (14-days) and afterward contact Shopify support to ask for an extension.

Can You Make Money During the Shopify Free trial?

No. The Shopify free trial is only designed for building your store and getting it ready for launch, after that, you need to pay for the basic plan to be able to get sales.

How Can I Cancel the Shopify Free Trial?

As you don’t need a bank or credit card to sign up for the Shopify trial, your account is automatically cancelled after the 14 days.

There is nothing you have to do on your end.

If for some reason you want to cancel your store before the 14-day trial is up, you can do so by contacting Shopify support and asking them to remove your store.

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