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How to Find Clients for Your Drop Servicing Business (Free & Paid)

Started a drop servicing business but struggling to get clients?

This article is for you!

There are many free and paid methods you can explore and I will cover the ones I find best work for drop servicing.

How to Find Drop Servicing Clients for Free

Find Drop Servicing Clients on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, being a social media network for professionals, is an absolute killer for getting clients to any kind of business, drop servicing not-withstanding. 

On LinkedIn, you can create a page for your drop servicing business, share relevant blog content, connect with professionals within your niche, and so on.

This platform has simply so much potential for businesses, you are truly missing out if you’re not mastering LinkedIn marketing.

Here’s how you can leverage LinkedIn for your drop servicing business:

  • Sign up to LinkedIn and create a free account
  • Create a company page
  • Search for professionals within your drop servicing niche and connect with them (the more the merrier!)
  • Develop a content strategy

How to search for professionals within your niche

Let’s say your drop servicing brand is in a micro-niche creating websites specifically for plumbers.

If so, you’d want to use the LinkedIn search function to find plumbers and invite them to become a connection. 

While doing this, LinkedIn will allow you to add a message and this is where you can sell your business.

But don’t go too aggressive. Nobody likes to be sold to! 

Something like 

‘Hey! I noticed you have a plumbing business in [Location] I notice your website is missing … , … and …. . This is causing you to lose business. My team and I are dedicated towards creating attractive and converting web pages for plumbers. Let me know if you’d be interested in having a chat!’ 

Will work a lot better than ‘Hey! I can create a professional website for you at a good price!’. 

Your message should be friendly and conversational.

Ideally it will also provide free value of some kind, this way, business owners are more likely to feel the need to reply to your message. 

How to develop a LinkedIn content strategy

People like reading about methods and ways to improve their businesses. 

That’s why you should develop a content strategy for your linked in business page. 

Back to the plumbing web design example. 

You can easily provide value to plumbers by writing content such as:

  • Why your plumbing business needs a website
  • 10 things your plumbing business website is likely missing
  • How to get more visitors to your plumbing business website

The list goes on.

Each and every one of these blog posts should finish with a CTA (call-to-action) urging business owners to contact you to get a free quote or free audit.

By giving them something for FREE after they have learned a thing or two from your FREE blog post, they will be truly warmed up to your business. 

They will trust you and see you as the authority of plumbing web design. 

That’s how you can EASILY leverage content marketing on LinkedIn to get clients for your drop servicing business.

Providing FREE value is KEY. 

TIP: By spending time every day CONNECTING with business in your niche (e.g. plumbers) you are also increasing the reach of your LinkedIn articles as they will show up in their LinkedIn news feed.

Find Drop Servicing Clients on Instagram & Facebook

The LinkedIn strategy can be replicated onto other social media platforms as well, like Instagram and Facebook. 

While you won’t be developing a content marketing strategy on Instagram (as you can only post pictures) you can create a business account and share relevant info in picture-format. 

How to get followers to your Instagram page 

Getting followers on Instagram is pretty easy as many people like to follow everyone who follows them. 

You want to use this trick to get as many niche-relevant followers to follow your drop servicing brand and increase your exposure. 

Finding people within your niche is so easy.

E.g. you’re targeting plumbers. What do you do? You look up the keyword ‘plumber’ and start looking for big instagram accounts for this niche.

Now you can go to the followers of this instagram account and follow the individual people, it’s very likely that these are plumbers or interested in plumbing. 

Around 30% of everyone you follow, should follow back at some point. 

By using this strategy for a couple of minutes every day, you can easily reach hundreds of plumbers completely for free leveraging just your Instagram account.

How to provide value

Just like with LinkedIn’s content marketing, you want to provide value to your followers.

For example, you can add an image with bold text that reads ‘5 THINGS YOUR PLUMBING WEBSITE IS MISSING’. 

Then you can go ahead and write a summary in the description and once again add a CTA like ‘message me for a FREE audit of your website’ to lure prospects in. 

Direct Messaging

Of course, you don’t just have to rely on your content to provide you with leads. You can also go after plumbing business owners by using the Instagram direct messaging feature. 

These same prospects that you were following earlier, you can shoot them a message and offer a free audit or something similar. 

Instagram is a great place to get clients for your drop servicing business and increase your brand exposure.

Just spending half an hour per day on Instagram can benefit you greatly. 

Find Drop Servicing Clients on Freelance Marketplaces (like UpWork)

An easy way to find clients for your drop servicing business is to create an account on freelance directories like UpWork and take on jobs as a freelancer.

You can then outsource these jobs to your freelancer and keep the difference.

I call this method easy, because it requires very little effort to get started and you don’t even need a website.

But that doesn’t mean this method is great.

One big advantage to this method is that clients are already looking for a job. They don’t need to really be sold to anymore. They are just looking for the first best person to show up.

Now the disadvantage is that there is simply SO much competition. And many of these competitors will charge very low prices for the same services you are offering. 

For that reason, I would not recommend UpWork or similar marketplaces to find clients for your drop servicing business.

Especially to those who are drop servicing with a website. 

By taking the easy route you are really minimizing your profits and long-term success. 

You are much better off leveraging other methods I will post in this article. 

Find Drop Servicing Clients on Google

Google is your friend.

Using Google, you can easily find a ton of businesses within your niche that you can potentially sell your services to.

Say you’re looking for plumbers for your web design business.

Simply googling ‘plumber’ won’t give you great results as the people who would rank this highly for that keyword, definitely don’t need a website anymore.

Which is why you should go broad. 

Instead of plumber, you can google for ‘Plumber in Kalamazoo’.

There you will find multiple pages of local plumbers in Kalamazoo, many of which likely don’t have a great online presence.

TIP: use the google map feature to google for businesses. This way you can instantly find their website (if they have one) and phone number.

Write their info down on a spreadsheet and do this for cities and towns all over the world. 

Once you have a couple hundred contacts in your spreadsheet, you can start cold emailing or calling them. 

How To Find Drop Servicing Clients using Paid Methods

Find Drop Servicing Clients using Google Ads

drop servicing with google ads

You know Google ads, those ‘sponsored’ links that show up at the top of almost every search result. 

They look intimidatingly powerful right?

Truth is, they are actually pretty cheap, if you know what you’re doing.

These Google Ads work on a ‘bid-to-win’ basis. 

This means that the company with the biggest budget wins.

Don’t let this scare you away though! 

You don’t want to bid on ‘SEO Services’ that would cost you a fortune! 

But what if you bid on local keywords such  ‘SEO Services Kalamazoo’, those would be SO much more affordable and well worth bidding on.

Google ads can be insanely profitable when focussing on LOCAL niches. 

After all, you are an online services company, so you can target any town or city in the world. 

This means there are millions and millions of untapped local niches available for you to advertise to.

The best part? You can aim for ‘buyer-intent-keywords’. 

This means when they are googling they are looking to purchase already!

Yep. Warm traffic baby. 

What’s spending $0.50 – $1 on a link click if you can convert 10% of clicks? 

This would mean you spend anywhere from $2.5 to $5 on every conversion.

You can focus on multiple local niches and scale up as high as you want, creating an automated sales-generating machine. 

Google ads is one of the best ways to get drop servicing clients.

It’s cheap and easy to use (who doesn’t already have a Google account..?)

Find Drop Servicing Clients using Facebook Ads

how to find clients for your drop servicing business with facebook ads
drop servicing with google ads

Another good way to find drop servicing clients is by leveraging Facebook Ads.

While with Google Ads you are targeting the search results with  buyer-intent keywords, with Facebook Ads you want to use their ultra-advanced algorithm (you know the one they keep getting sued over) to target the best target audience. 

I’m sure you’ve seen Facebook Ads before (spoiler: they are super-powerful) they blend in so well into your feed, half the time you don’t even realize you’re looking at an ad. 

You can do the very same, very cheaply.

Facebook ads can be used for budgets as small as $1 a day.

Facebook will let you filter by location, age, gender, etc.

You can target people based on their profession, business and so on.

Say you want to target plumbers for your web design agency? You can!

Facebook also has this thing called a ‘Pixel’ that will track activity on your website.

The more conversion you receive, the better the pixel becomes.

This means that over time, Facebook Ads become more and more profitable as the algorithm optimizes for the best conversion for your business.

Whether you like Facebook or absolutely despise it, it’s a great way to find clients for your drop servicing business without breaking the bank.

It’s advanced algorithm allows you to put your business on auto-pilot and scale as high as you want.

Final Words

At first it might seem intimidating right, finding clients for your drop servicing business?

The truth it, it’s actually fairly easy.

There are so many methods you can explore, both free and paid. 

If you want to be fully investment-free you can leverage LinkedIn, UpWork and social media like Instagram and Facebook to find your first drop servicing clients.

Later if you want to scale, you can leverage Google or Facebook Ads. Or both!

Ultimately the goal should be to put your business on auto-pilot and almost fully transition to paid advertising. 

But while you are still small, finding clients using free methods is perfectly viable, they just take a bit more time! 

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