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How To Integrate Printful With Etsy + Add Production Partner

So you want to start selling your own print on demand products on Etsy but don’t know how to set up the Printful Etsy integration?

Don’t worry, this article will cover everything from top to bottom.

Integrating Printful with Etsy is a one time process and super simple. 

This process consists out of 3 steps. 

First you have to create and setup the accounts (both for Printful and Etsy), if you already have these you can skip the first section. 

Next you have to setup Printful as a production partner to Etsy

And lastly you have to integrate Printful with Etsy for a smooth and automatic fulfilment process. 

First Things First: Creating The Accounts

Obviously, if you want to integrate Printful with Etsy to start selling your art products, you’ll first need to have an account for both platforms.

Both are free to use and you can quickly sign up for them.

Start Your Etsy Shop

You can go here to get started with setting up your Etsy shop. This is a 5-step process but don’t worry, it’s very quick and painless.

create your etsy shop so you can integrate it with printful and add them as your print on demand production partner

Answer the questions and go through the steps.

Once you reach “stock your shop” you’ll be tasked with creating a listing, this is necessary to be able to add Printful as a production partner. 

If you want to go through this step quickly, you can create a dummy mockup instead. This means that you create a listing that you won’t actually sell and will delete immediately afterward.

Once your Etsy shop is up and running, you can create your Printful account.

Create Your Printful Account

Setting up a Printful account is even faster and only requires you to fill in some basic info. You can get started here

create your printful account to integrate with your etsy shop

Once you’ve signed up to Printful, you have to setup Printful as your Etsy production partner. 

Setup Printful As Your Etsy Production Partner

Now that you have both accounts setup, you can setup Printful as a production partner.

For this step, navigate to settings on your Etsy dashboard and click on “production partners”.

Here you want to add Printful as your production partner.

Answer the questions as follows:

How to add Printful as your print on demand production partner for Etsy

Production Partner: Printful

Location: Chatsworth, California, United States Of America

About production partner: A fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping service for small online retailers. 

About your partnership

Why are you working with this partner?

“I don’t have the technical ability or equipment to make it entirely myself.”

What is your role in the design process?

“I design everything myself.”

What is this partner’s role in the production process?

“They do everything for me.”

Hit save partner to complete the set up.

Integrate Printful with Etsy

Once Printful is set up as your production partner, you still won’t be able to automatically fulfill the products with Printful. 

To automate this process, you have to integrate Printful with Etsy. This can easily be done by clicking here or by navigating to stores on your Etsy dashboard. 

How to integrate Printful with Etsy

Simply hit the “Connect to Etsy” button and authorize the integration.

That’s it!

You’ve completed the three steps to starting a Print on Demand Printful shop with Etsy:

  1. Setting up a Printful and Etsy account
  2. Setting up Printful as a production partner
  3. Integrating Printful with Etsy for automated fulfillment

Now start selling!

Printful Etsy Integration FAQ

What is the Printful location for Etsy?

In the production partner menu, Etsy requires you to put down the Printful location so they know where your partner is shipping from. Printful has multiple shipping locations but for the simplicity you should use the following Printful location: Chatsworth, California, United States Of America.

You do not have to add or specify multiple locations, even if you’re shipping international. 

Do I have to pay the listing fee for every new order?

No, the listing fee of $0.20 is only paid once you list the product on your store. However, this only lets you publish the product for 4 months.

As an Etsy seller you also have to pay a 5% transaction fee on every order.

Does Printful automatically fulfil my order?

Yes if you have followed the steps above and fully integrated Printful with Etsy then your orders will be automatically fulfilled by Printful.

You’ll receive a confirmation that Printful has received the order just a couple of hours after you received that your Etsy shop has received an order.

You can double check this by heading over to orders on your Printful dashboard. If it says “Waiting for fulfilment” then it’s working.

How can I make my first listing if I can’t connect to Printful yet?

You have to first list a product to be able to integrate Etsy with Printful, this is just part of setting up your Etsy shop. The simplest way to do this is to create a dummy listing. So just use an image from Google and add the listing. You can remove this afterwards.

Once Printful is added as your production partner and Printful is fully integrated with Etsy you can add the other products through Printful. 

Will Etsy shut down my store for using Printful or other Print on Demand Dropshippers? 

No they won’t shut down your store just because you are using Printful. Etsy allows Print on Demand and Printful as long as you are honest about it and add them as your production partner. 

Final Words

By now you should have successfully integrated Printful with Etsy. This means your process will be completely automated. Once some buys from your Etsy shop, Printful will print and send the product to your customer. 

It really is that easy!

If some things still aren’t clear on the integration you can check out Printful’s video on how to integrate Printful with Etsy.

Leave any questions you have about the integration below and I will answer them for you!

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