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How To Start a Jewelry Business Via Print On Demand

While there are many different ways to start selling jewelry online, in this article I’ll cover specifically how you can start a jewelry business via print on demand.

Selling jewelry via print on demand is super easy due to the many integration possibilities I will cover in this post. On top of that, POD requires almost zero upfront investments. You can get started risk-free and instead focus your money elsewhere such as paid advertising.

If you want to learn how to make money selling jewelry online — this is the article for you.

What Is Print On Demand?

Print on demand is a no-inventory business model that takes many aspects from conventional dropshipping with a slight spin — all products are custom printed on demand. 

This way, you can start a personalized jewelry business without having an inventory or taking many risks.

Let’s look at an example:

David is looking for a nice gift for mothers’ day and stumbles upon your website that sells bracelets with a personalized engraving on it. David knows his mother is a sucker for personalized gifts so he decides to make a purchase. 

Once David has paid for his product (let’s say he paid $60), you will be notified as well as your print on demand provider. This provider, will then print the design David chose and send it to his address. The process will require no further action from you. 

The package that arrives at David’s address will have your store logo on it and with no further information, making it seem as if the package came straight from you. 

You will be charged by your print on demand partner for the purchase + shipping (e.g. $20), keeping a profit of $40. 

As you can see, print on demand is a very nice way to start a jewelry business using the dropshipping model. Unlike conventional dropshipping, the product will have your design and the package will have your branding. 

This opens a lot of doors for establishing a real brand, something many conventional drop shippers struggle with. 

All you have to do is setup a webshop, upload designs and drive traffic. 

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Print On Demand Jewelry Companies

ShineOn #1 POD Jewelry Partner

Shineon is the best print on demand company for jewelry

I love ShineOn for two reasons: they sell jewelry themselves (and offer a marketplace for it) and they allow others to sell their jewelry through print on demand.

ShineOn is also a print on demand partner that focuses solely on the jewelry niche. In other words, they know what they’re doing over there.

They are first and foremost a print on demand marketplace (think Redbubble, Teespring, and so on) but they also have a Shopify app to integrate them into your own store. (You can also integrate ShineOn with Etsy if you’d like)

Interestingly about ShineOn is that they don’t just provide engravings and illustration uploads to the jewelry itself, they actually have a bunch of high-quality jewelry where you place a print on demand message card in the background. 

This way, you can create a branded print on demand jewelry business that is a bit on the classier side. 

Here’s an example of one of those message cards plus jewelry:

you can personalize the cards behind jewelry with shineon

This allows a lot of opportunity for targeting love & relationship niches.

PRO TIP: Just like with engraving products, you can let your customers PERSONALIZE this background.

ShineOn fulfills all orders from their fulfillment centers in Florida and New Jersey. 


beeoux is a print on demand company that specializes in jewelry

An alternative to ShineOn is Beooux. Beeoux is a print on demand provider that specializes in Jewelry and has integrations with Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce.

They have an extensive product catalog ranging from freeform sterling silver products to engraved products and even print on demand jewelry with full-color options such as their watches.

you can personalize watch faces with beeoux print on demand

Beeoux ships worldwide and has fulfillment centers in Houston, United States and Frankfurt, Germany.

Here are the shipping rates for both locations:

  • Houston: $3.50 – $4.00
  • Frankfurt: $4.00 – $4.50

With Beeoux, you never pay extra shipping for additional products.


printful has a bunch of engraving options for print on demand jewelry

If you’re looking to sell personalized engravings for necklaces and bracelets, Printful can do that for you. 

The best part about Printful Jewelry is that when paired with Shopify, you can let your customers personalize their products on your store. For example, the customer can type their own text for the engraving on the product page.

Because the customer will also see the product mockup change in real time as they type their engravings, this makes your store look very professional. 

These personalized jewelry items are perfect to target multiple family and relationship niches. (e.g. a personalized baby bracelet). 

Shopify has fulfillment centers all over the globe, resulting in fast worldwide shipping. On top of that, all personalized jewelry from Printful comes with FREE worldwide shipping.

Selling Print On Demand Jewelry Via Shopify

Shopify is the best platform to start your print on demand store on

You’ll need a platform to sell your print on demand jewelry on. If you’re looking for a code-free website builder that integrates with the print on demand companies I mentioned above, Shopify is your guy. 

By using Shopify, you can start a branded a branded store that is truly yours. Everything down to the checkout and emails will be 100% personalized and include your branding. Shopify currently has 1.5 million active stores and is growing bigger every year.

Shopify will cost you $29 a month but you can make use of their 14-day credit-card-free trial.

Selling Personalized Jewelry Via Etsy

As an alternative to shopify, you can host your print on demand jewelry business on Etsy

Shopify allows you to build a branded webshop that you can drive traffic through social media and paid advertising. But this approach isn’t for everyone. Some sellers prefer to sell on a marketplace and provide products to an already existing audience. 

For those sellers that want to start a more hands-off jewelry business, Etsy is a great alternative to Shopify. 

With a monthly traffic of 350 million visitors, Etsy has a huge audience that you can appeal to and sell to! On top of that, Etsy’s audience LOVES personalized products within the relationship niche. 

Creating an Etsy seller account is free, all you have to pay for is your product listings at 0.20 cents per listing. Etsy will also take 5% commission on goods sold. 

Tips To Get Started With POD Jewelry

Round Up Your Pricing

Marketers love using the $59.99 trick to make their product look cheaper and thus more appealing to the customer. While this works effectively with many products, it doesn’t work with luxury products such as jewelry.

When selling pod jewelry, you want your product to look expensive and scarce. By putting it on sale or using a pricing trick you are shooting yourself in the foot. Round up your products and charge $60 instead of $59.99. 

Market Your Product During Holiday Seasons

Jewelry is often bought as a gift, that’s why many jewelry companies increase their marketing spending during celebrations such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day and others. But also gift-giving holiday seasons such a Christmas. 

When opening a pod jewelry business, you should be marketing these holidays as well. Schedule them in your work calendar and be sure to give yourself a month or two ahead of time to plan everything well. 

TIP: Father’s day and Mother’s day aren’t on the same day in every country, use this to your advantage.

P.S. Also keep in mind your delivery times when targeting holidays and inform yourself with your supplier over potential delays. 

Sell Personalized Jewelry

I can’t say this enough: let your customers personalize their jewelry. Personalized gifts work really well year-round. Printful will let your customers personalize their products on-page with Shopify and Etsy through their personalization tool. 

Take Your Own Photography

Build-in mockups provided by your pod supplier are great to get you started and fill your product page, but you can increase your branding a lot by having your own lifestyle photography. These images are especially good for Instagram and other social media.

For example a picture of a woman smiling as she receives her personalized bracelet will increase your social proof and make your brand stand out more. 

TIP: If you don’t want to order samples and take your own lifestyle photography you can use the placeit library to find pod jewelry mockups for your store. 

Market On Pinterest

Instagram and Facebook are obvious social media giants that should be used for just about any store. But when it comes to jewelry, personalized or otherwise, Pinterest might be an even better platform to market your products on. 

Pinterest is known to do really well in the love and relationship and gifts niche. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, after reading this article you were able to pick a store platform and print on demand supplier for your jewelry business.

If you want to read an in-depth article on how to get started with print on demand, you can follow along with our complete print on demand guide. There you will learn how to pick a niche, how to design your products, how to create your print on demand store branding, how to market your store, and more.

Good luck!

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