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Keith Gill Net Worth, Age, Gamestop Earnings (2021)

How Does Keith Gill Make Money?

Keith Gill is a Youtuber and Investor known as user DeepFuckingValue on Reddit and RoaringKitty on Youtube.

His birthday is on June 8,1986 meaning Keith Gill is 34 years old.

Keith’s Youtube Channel, RoaringKitty, has 500k subscribers and according to Social Blade, it grew with 380k in the last 30 days.

According to his stats on Social Blade, he saw 4.5 million views in the last 30 days which could earn him around $1k to $17k.

That would mean he has an RPM (Revenue per 1000 views) of $0.20 to $4.

However, we know social blade estimates to be automated and widely inaccurate as they do not consider the niche of each individual Youtuber.

Since Keith Gill’s Youtube channel is in the investing niche, he would likely see an RPM similar to others we’ve profiled such as Andrei Jikh and Nate O’Brien who see an average of $13 RPM on their videos.

This means Keith Gill could earn $58,500 every month from Youtube assuming he has an RPM in the same range.

But… Keith Gill doesn’t monetize his Youtube channel.

Currently, Keith Gill likely makes all of his money from his investments.

As he famously invested $50,000 in Gamestop back in 2019 when shares were trading below $10.

At the height of GameStop Short Squeeze, his shares were worth an estimated $48 million!

Here’s a video from August 2020 where Keith Gill explains exactly WHY he invested in Gamestop, WAY before anyone else was talking about it.

Obviously, Keith doesn’t just invest in Gamestop and holds many different positions which he frequently shares on his Youtube channel.

What is Keith Gill Net Worth?

Keith Gill’s estimated net worth is $40 million USD as of March 2021.

He currently owns 10,500 shares of $GME and releases weekly updates of his position on his reddit account u/DeepFuckingValue.

GME YOLO update — Mar 8 2021 from r/wallstreetbets

How Did Keith Gill Get Started With $GME? A Timeline of the events

  • Keith Gill first invested $53,000 in GME back in 2019 and posted his position on the subreddit r/WallStreetBets
Hey Burry thanks a lot for jacking up my cost basis from r/wallstreetbets

While he is now regarded as a hero, his position was met with a lot of backlash 1 year ago.

backlash on Keith's initial 50,000 dollar investment of gamestop, 1 year before the short squeeze

Many fellow Redditors told him to sell and called him an idiot for investing in Gamestop in the first place.

Going into 2020, it seemed Redditors were right as Keith’s initial investment began to plummet.

GME YOLO month-end update — Feb 2020 from r/wallstreetbets

But then in April 2020 it became clear Keith was onto something.

GME YOLO month-end update — Apr 2020 from r/wallstreetbets

And after a couple of bad months, this was confirmed in August 2020.

GME YOLO month-end update — Aug 2020 from r/wallstreetbets

His shares would continue to increase in value, first reaching the 1 million dollar mark in September of 2020.

GME YOLO update — Sep 22 2020 from r/wallstreetbets

On December 2020, Keith’s shares of Gamestop were now worth $3,400,000.

GME YOLO update — Dec 22 2020 from r/wallstreetbets

Someone even asked what his exit strategy is.

exit strategy keith gill

In January of 2021, he reached the 10 million dollar mark. Note that he also holds 51,000 shares at this point.

GME YOLO update — Jan 22 2021 from r/wallstreetbets

And on January 27th, he reached his all time high of $47,973,298.

GME YOLO update — Jan 27 2021 ————————————— guess i need 102 characters in title now from r/wallstreetbets

We’re now February and Keith Gill holds onto 100,000 shares of Gamestop.

GME YOLO month-end update — Feb 2021 from r/wallstreetbets

Keith is currently being sued and accused of creating a newbie investor persona.

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