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Marko Zlatic WhiteBoard Finance Net Worth & Youtube Earnings (2021)

How Does Marko Zlatic Make Money?

Marko Zlatic is a popular Youtuber and investor. He is the owner of the Whiteboard Finance Youtube channel.

Marko’s Youtube Channel has 600k subscribers and according to Social Blade, it grows with about 70k subscribers every month.

We’ll split his income up in 5 primary sources of income:

  • Youtube
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Investments
  • Sponsorships

Youtube Ad Revenue

According to Social Blade, Marko has around 2.5M average video views per month and generates anywhere from $500 – $10k from this.

These numbers would suggest Marko Zlatic has an RPM (Revenue Per 1000 views) of around $0,20 – $4.

However, we know social blade uses automated software that can be wildly inaccurate especially since the software doesn’t take Youtube niches into account.

As we know Marko has a personal finance Youtube channel for which advertisers are willing to pay a pretty hefty amount.

In an August 2019 video, Marko Zlatic revealed just how much he made from a 5 million view video.

The total amount was $41,845. This would put his RPM to be around the $8 range.

This is smaller than what we’ve seen from other finance Youtubers such as Andrei Jikh and Nate O’Brien who seem to be in the $10-$15 RPM range but they also have more subscribers.

Nevertheless, an $8 RPM is still double of what Social Blade seems to estimate for the Whiteboard Finance YouTuber.

Since we know he reaches 2.5 million views per month, that would estimate his monthly earnings from Youtube Ad Revenue at

Since we know he reaches 2.5 million views per month, we can calculate his monthly earnings from Youtube Ad Revenue.

Thus we can conclude that Marko Zlatic makes around $20,000 every month in ad revenue from his youtube channel Whiteboard Finance.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that allows creators, influencers, and bloggers to promote products for companies and earn a commission for each successful referral.

Marko Zlatic is part of a bunch of affiliate programs such as: Robinhood, Fundrise, and M1Finance which he continuously links to in his Youtube descriptions.

Since Whiteboard Finance has over 600K subscribers and gets 2.5m monthly views, he likely makes a pretty substantial amount from these 3 affiliate programs alone.

In a recent article about how much affiliate marketers earn, we revealed that the average affiliate marketer makes anywhere from $12.5 to $75 for every 1000 views.

If we lowball this and know from Social Blade that Whiteboard Finance has 2.5 million average views per month, this would amount to $31,250 in affiliate income per month.


Whiteboard Finance has a course called the WBF University.


Marko also has a Patreon account where he shares his home affordability spreadsheet with his viewers.

He has 201 Patrons and earns $500 per month from this.

What Is Marko Zlatic Net Worth?

Marko Zlatic’s estimated net worth is $600k – $1M USD.

How Much Money Does Marko Zlatic Make?

Marko Zlatic likely makes around $51,750 per month from his Youtube channel Whiteboard Finance.

We’ve estimated this amount by taking into account his monthly Youtube Ad Revenue and affiliate income.

Earlier we concluded that Marko Zlatic makes around $20,000 per month from Youtube Ad Revenue and an estimates $31,250 from affiliate marketing.

We also know he makes $500 from his Patreon every month.

It’s unclear how much Marko Zlatic makes from investments or his courses.

How Did Marko Zlatic Get Started?

  • Marko Zlatic first started investing as a kid by flipping pokemon cards and selling mixtape CDs
  • He started investing in stocks at 18 years old
  • In 2010, Marko Zlatic graduated with a bachelors in Finance and started working full-time while continuing to invest
  • In November 2017, he launched his Youtube channel WhiteBoard Finance and the rest, is history 😉

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