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Matt D’Avella Net Worth, Age, Youtube Earnings (2021)

How Does Matt D’Avella Make Money?

Matt D’Avella is a popular Youtuber, minimalist, and award-winning filmmaker.

His birthday is on December 15,1987 meaning Matt D’Avella is 33 years old.

Matt D’Avella has two youtube channels:

Matt’s Youtube Channel has 3.11 million subscribers and according to Social Blade, it grows with about 50k per month.

D’Avella has 5 known online income sources:

What is Matt D’Avella Net Worth?

Matt D’Avella’s estimated net worth is $2 million USD.

This estimation is based on his yearly income from Youtube, his Patreon, his online course and the filmmaking projects he has done over the years.

How Much Money Does Matt D’Avella Make?

Youtube Ad Revenue

Since Matt doesn’t share his earnings from Youtube, we have to work with broad estimations.

Social Blade estimates his yearly ad revenue to be anywhere between 12k and 200k.

Likely though, the number is a whole lot higher.

As how much a Youtuber makes, largely depends on how much advertisers are willing to pay for a spot in their videos.

For example, Andrei Jikh revealed that he made $663,304 USD in 2020 from Youtube Ad Revenue.

And he only has 1.1 million subscribers compared to Matt’s 3.11 million subscribers.

And when we look at the social blade statistics for Andrei Jikh, they estimate his youtube earnings to be anywhere from 23k to 370k.

Taking his niche into account, Matt D’Avella likely has an RPM (revenue per mille) of anywhere between $5-7.

If we then consider that he averages 5,000,000 video views per month, that would generate him anywhere between $25,000 and $35,000 USD per month or $300,000 to $420,000 USD per year.

After youtube takes their cut of 45 percent, Matt would be left with about $165,000 to $231,000 per year.


Matt has 917 active patrons on his Patreon account.

These patrons would pay anywhere from $4 to $11.50 to gain access to his exclusive patreon content.

This means that he makes at least $3,668 USD from Patreon every month.

If we assume that about 20% of his subscribers are paying for the $11.50 subscription, he likely earns closer to $5000 USD from Patreon every month.

Filmmaking Projects

Matt D’Avella is an award-winning filmmaker who in 2021 got his documentary ‘The minimalists’ featured on Netflix.


Matt teaches others how to take control of their own lives, gain motivation and build better habits in his slowgrowth course.

The course is available for $145.

Considering Matt D’Avella is a very popular Youtuber with a huge influence and following, he likely makes a substantial amount from this course.

How Did Matt Get Started?

Matt’s first recorded Youtube video is from 2011 when his youtube channel was still called Black Box Film.

He didn’t really start focussing on Youtube until 2017 when he realised his Youtube introduction video.

From then on, Matt started uploading to Youtube regularly to a small audience and received a couple thousand views per video.

But then in February of 2018, his first video titled My Minimalist Appartment blew up and now has almost 2 million views.

From then on, multiple videos (most of them with minimalist in the title) started blowing up and his subscriber count quickly started to rise.

From then on, Matt became known on the internet as the minimalist filmmaker and that eventually landed him a documentary on Netflix!

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