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Oberlo Alternative for WooCommerce & AliExpress Dropshipping

Can You Use Oberlo For WooCommerce?

Sadly, no you cannot use Oberlo for WooCoomerce.

Oberlo is a Shopify app and can only be used with Shopify.

If you really want to use them, you will have to setup a Shopify dropshipping store instead.

But if you still prefer to go for WooCoomerce, don’t worry, as there are many alternatives to Oberlo for WooCommerce out there!

The plugins I will list in this article function almost identically to Oberlo — they import products and fulfill orders through AliExpress.

The Best Oberlo Alternative For WooCommerce

AliDropship is the best alternative to Oberlo for WooCommerce

AliDropship Woo is the WooCommerce-compatible little brother of AliDropship, and one of the most popular alternatives for Oberlo out there.

AliDropship Woo is a simple plugin that functions exactly like Oberlo. The plugin integrates with AliExpress and allows you to import products directly to your store at the click of a button.

Order fulfillment is also done at the click of a button in a similar fashion to Oberlo.

The only real difference is that AliDropship misses two features from Oberlo’s paid boss plan:

  • Bulk order fulfillment
  • Real-time order tracking

But AliDropship Woo does give 8% commission on every AliExpress order which will increase your profit margins even more!


  • AliExpress one-click product import & fulfillment
  • Receive 8% commission on every AliExpress order
  • Built-in product reviews
  • Built-in product image editor


ALiDropship requires only a one time investment compared to Oberlo's monthly plans

AliDropship Woo charges a one-time payment of $89.

This might sound steep, but compared to Oberlo and other alternatives, this is actually a steal.

Consider this.

The Oberlo Boss plan charges $29.90/mo, that’s $358 per year.

Dropified, another Oberlo competitor, costs a minimum of $204/year and that’s without the 8% transaction fee per product bought.

As you can see, monthly payments quickly ramp up. You can save a lot of money per year by simply paying a one-time fee as you would with AliDropship.

What Makes AliDropship the Best Oberlo Alternative?

In the pricing section I’ve already illustrated that AliDropship is the cheapest plan out there.

After a one-time investment, you have access to a great drop shipping fulfillment plugin for the lifespan of your store!

But that’s not the only way you save money bu using AliDropship.

They also give you an 8% cash-back commission on every order.

Imagine this.

Your product cost is $10 and you buy 100 products a month, that’s $80 you’re putting back into your pocket thanks to AliDropship.

The same-store on Shopify, for illustration purposes, would cost you $58 per month (Shopify subscription + Oberlo) or $696 per year.

But with AliDropship, you would have paid just $89 once + your monthly hosting fees (e.g. $8/mo) plus $80 cashback from your 100 orders per month.

Compared to the $696 per year the Shopify + Oberlo store costs you to run, an AliDropship store will make you an extra $775/year.

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3 Other Alternatives To Oberlo For WooCommerce (AliExpress)

If for some reason AliDropship does not do it for you, here are 3 more Oberlo Alternatives for WooCommerce that integrate with AliExpress.

1. WooDropship

Woodropship is another Oberlo alternative for WooCoomerce

WooDropship is another popular Oberlo alternative for WooCommerce that integrates your store with AliExpress. 

Just like AliDropship Woo, WooDropship functions almost identical to Oberlo.

The plugin allows you to source products from AliExpress and fulfill them at the click of a button.


  • AliExpress one-click product import & fulfillment
  • Built-in product image editor


WooDropship can be bought for $97 or you can use their monthly plan

Just like AliDropship, WooDropship is available for a one-time purchase of $97.

WooDropship does have a 7 day trial available so you can check out the plugin.

On top of that, WooDropship also has a monthly plan available for $19.99 per month which allows you to fulfill up to 100 orders per month.

So once your store becomes profitable at 100 orders per month, you’ll have to switch over to the lifetime plan which allows unlimited monthly orders.

This is a very interesting pricing plan, as a lifetime plan only costs $97, whereas, if you pay the monthly fee for just 5 months, you’d have spent the same amount.

Why I Prefer AliDropship over WooDropship

The one-time investment for AliDropship is cheaper than WooDropship plus gives you two extra functions:

  • Product Reviews
  • 8% commission

The 8% commission is the main reason why I’d pick AliDropship over WooDropship any day.

On the other hand though, if you prefer a monthly plan over a one-time investment, WooDropship is perfect for you.

You even get a 7 day free trial to check it out!

2. Dropified

Dropified is like Oberlo for WooCommerce because they allow you to import and fulfill products from AliExpress

Dropified is an Oberlo alternative that is available on WooCommerce but also Shopify, BigCommerce, and other eCommerce platforms.

Dropified can be used to import products and fulfill orders from AliExpress.

But aside from that, Dropified can also be integrated with Wish, Etsy, Wayfair, and other suppliers.

They even have a US product database built-in that you also gain access to on every Dropified plan.

And to top it off, just like Oberlo’s Boss plan, Dropified supports bulk order fulfillment.

This means you can fulfill all your orders at once with the click of a button, which will save you a lot of time once you reach a high amount of daily orders.

The many different supplier options, and the fact it comes with bulk order processing, makes them a very good Oberlo alternative, even for people who use Shopify.


  • AliExpress one-click product import & fulfillment
  • Imports and fulfills products from other suppliers and marketplaces such as Wish and Etsy
  • Access to Dropified’s US product catalog
  • Multiple platform integrations
  • Bulk Order Processing


Dropified's import plan is cheap but they do charge 8% of your product cost as well

The import plan (the only plan you really need) will cost you $17 per month. This gives you access to everything I’ve mentioned about Dropified up until this point.

The only caveat is that Dropified also charges 8% of the product cost on this plan.

This means that you aren’t actually paying $17 per month, this is just the entrance fee. Say you’re buying for $1000 worth of products a month, this will add $80 to your monthly Dropified plan.

Remember AliDropship that gives you 8% commission? Dropified does the complete opposite.

Dropified also has two more plans available: Private Label and Dropified black.

The private label plan costs $97 per month and takes a 3% cut from your product cost.

The Dropified Black plan is priced at $297 per month and takes no cut from your product cost.

All Dropified plans come with a 14-day free trial. 

3. Dropship.me

dropship.me is an oberlo alternative for WooCommerce that only imports products from ALiExpress

dropship.me is an Oberlo alternative for AliExpress product imports to your WooCommerce store.

Compared to the other Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce in this article, dropship.me focusses ONLY on product imports. 

They even recommend themselves you use them together with AliDropship for your order fulfillment. 

If it requires another plugin to fulfill orders, why would you possibly use them?

Well, for starters, dropship.me is free up until 50 product imports.

That’s a lot of products and would suffice for pretty much every store I’ve ever built as I always focus on quality over quantity.

But the real reason you’d use them, is because they make product imports easier for beginner dropshippers.

dropship.me has a library of hand-vetted AliExpress products. 

This is great for beginners who aren’t good at doing their own product research yet.

On top of that, the products contain cleaned up images, titles and description all done-for-you.

This saves beginners from making the following mistakes on their dropshipping store:

  • Product titles that contain multiple words
  • Fake-looking AliExpress product images
  • Copy/paste AliExpress product descriptions


  • Import products from AliExpress
  • Access to trusted AliExpress suppliers
  • Optimized product titles, descriptions and images


Dropship.me is completely free to start with and the price moves up as you import more products to your dropshipping store

Oberlo Alternatives for WooCommerce That Don’t Use AliExpress

1. Spocket

Spocket is an Oberlo alternative for WooCommerce that uses their own product and supplier catalog

Spocket is one of Oberlo’s biggest competitors.

With Spocket, dropshippers can make use of their extensive product library that holds products from suppliers in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

This makes them favorable to dropshippers who are sick and tired of dropshipping products directly from AliExpress to their customers as you do with Oberlo.

While Spocket is just like Oberlo available for Shopify, they do have integrations with other platforms such as WooCommerce as well.


  • Private Product Library
  • US/EU Suppliers
  • Add branded invoices to your packages
  • Premium products (better prices)
  • AliExpress Integration possible


Spocket has higher pricing models than other Oberlo competitors

Spocket has 4 different plans — Free, starter, Pro & Empire.

The free plan is great to check out Spocket’s product catalog right away without committing to anything.

However, you won’t be able to import any products into your store until you pick a paid plan.

The starter plan of $24/mo allows you to upload 25 products and gives you access to email support.

The pro plan, which is recommended, costs $49/mo and allows you to import 250 products + 25 premium products, gives you access to live chat support AND branded invoicing.

Every paid plan does come with a 14-day trial you can use to check it out.

Spocket Pros

  • Fast (domestic) shipping through US/EU suppliers
  • Branded invoicing on PRO plan
  • Free plan to check out product library

Spocket Cons

  • Product prices are more expensive compared to AliExpress, leaving you with smaller profit margins
  • Expensive compared to other Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce

2. Printful Print On Demand

Printful is a print on demand alternative to Oberlo

Printful is a print on demand alternative to Oberlo.

With Printful, you can offer your own designs on your WooCommerce store.

How print on demand works

Just imagine. You can start your own store selling t-shirts, stickers, and even yoga mats with your designs on them.

All of that is possible with Print on Demand dropshipping.

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Printful is one of the most popular suppliers in print on demand and they can be integrated with WooCommerce.

When using Printful as your suppliers, they will be in charge of printing and shipping your products directly to your customer!

You don’t even need to fulfill orders as you would with Oberlo or other alternatives, this is all done automatically with Printful.

More on how Printful works here.


  • Over 170 Print on Demand products
  • Your store logo on the box!
  • Branding inserts possible
  • 24/7 Support


Printful is free. Always. No monthly plans. No transaction fees.

Unlike other competitors listed here, Printful does everything in-house.

Due to this, they turn good profits on every good sold, meaning they don’t need to charge the seller (you) a monthly fee. Great!

Printful Pros

  • High-quality prints
  • You can start a real brand with your own custom products
  • Your store logo is on the box making your store look very professional
  • Worldwide locations for faster fulfillment
  • 24/7 support
  • Integrates with WooCommerce

Printful Cons

Comparison Table

Final Thoughts

While Oberlo is not available for WooCommerce, there are plenty of other options out there for you.

If you’re looking for a plugin that functions almost identically to Oberlo, you should get AliDropship.

You’ll get almost the exact same functions as Oberlo PLUS you get to display product reviews on your store AND you’ll receive 8% cash-back commissions to increase your monthly profit margins.

Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable paying the one-time investment right away, you can check out WooDropship instead and use their monthly plan.

Spocket is the best Oberlo alternative for those looking to use private suppliers from EU/US and Printful is perfect who want to start their own brand.

Dropified plans are expensive due to the 8% transaction fees but do offer bulk order processing and a private US product catalog. Dropified also allows you to start a white-label dropshipping store through their premium monthly plan.

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