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Pauline Tantot Net Worth, Age, Influencer Earnings (2021)

How Does Pauline Tantot Make Money?

Pauline Tantot is a social media influencer and co-owner of KhassaniSwimwear brand together with her twin-sister Mathilde Tantot.

Her birthday is on December 24, 1994 meaning Pauline Tantot is 26 years old.

Pauline Tantot has used her looks and business skills to turn herself into a full-blown brand. At the time of writing, she has around 5.3 million followers on her Instagram @popsandtot alone.

We’ll divide her income sources into 3 brackets:

  • Income from sponsored social media posts
  • Business earnings from her swimwear brand
  • MYM income

Sponsor earnings

As Pauline has 5.3m followers on Instagram, many brands are looking to work with her and willing to pay a huge amount.

According to Later, influencers with more than 1m followers, make more than $10,000 per sponsored post.

On her Instagram, she often promotes fashion brands such as Ohpolly and Fashionnova.

Those two brands alone could potentially pay her an extra $20,000 per month for those sponsored posts.

Business earnings

Their swimwear brand has around 370k followers on Instagram and receives around 10k likes on every post.

Tops go for around $60 and bottoms for around $35.

As most customers are likely to purchase a full set, that would amount to an average order value of around $95.

It’s hard to estimate how many sales they are doing in a month but considering the follower count, amount of reviews and amount of try-on videos on youtube, they are likely doing a very large volume.

If we assume they have sold to around 10% of their total audience of 370k, they would have made 18,500 sales or around $1,757,500 in revenue (assuming an AOV of $95) since they started in 2016.

MYM earnings

MYM is basically a subscription service like Onlyfans where creators can charge subscribers in return for explicit (18+) posts.

She charges $29 per month for access to her MYM content which has around 3500+ followers.

If we assume about 5% of her MYM followers are subscribed (175), that would amount to an income of $5,075 per month.

Every post has around 100+ likes so this confirms that her subscriber count is likely around the 100-200 range.

What is Pauline Tantot Net Worth?

Pauline Tantot’s estimated net worth is $400k USD as of March 2021.

How Much Money Does Pauline Tantot Make?

Between her income from sponsored posts and her MYM account, Pauline Tantot likely makes around $25,500 per month.

It’s unclear how much she is taking home from her business in but it’s likely in the 5 figure range.

How Did Pauline Tantot Get Started?

  • Pauline Tantot started posting on her Instagram account in 2015 and quickly started picking up followers on the platform after posts after post of her and her sister went viral.
  • Pauline and her sister founded Khassani Swimwear in 2016.
  • In 2021 Pauline has amassed 3.4 million followers on Instagram and is working on a new fitness brand which will launch soon: PopsGym.

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