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Printify Etsy Integration + Production Partner Setup

So you want to start selling your own print on demand production on Etsy but don’t know how to set up the Printify Etsy integration? 

Or you don’t understand the Printify Production Partner setup? 

Don’t worry, this article will make everything clear for you.

Why should you integrate Printify with Etsy?

It’s true, you can sell your Etsy products on Printify without integrating both platforms. 

This way, you manually add products, and every time someone orders from you, you create the order with Printify and fill in your customers’ address. 

But that’s a lot of work on your end, work that you don’t actually have to do yourself.

When you setup the Printify Etsy integration, you can create your products directly within Printify. 

Your products will be automatically added to your Etsy shop and these will be synced with Printify, meaning that when someone orders from your store, Printify will get notified and fulfill the order for you.

Convinced yet? Now let’s get started on how to setup the integration. 

First things first: Creating The Accounts

Before you can start with the Printify Etsy integration, you have to make sure you have both accounts fully set up first. 

Both Etsy and Printify are free to use and to setup.

Etsy does charge $0.20 per listing so keep that in mind. 

Start Your Etsy Shop

If you haven’t already, you can start your Etsy shop by clicking here. The setup is a 5-step process but don’t worry, it’ll be quick. 

How to setup your Etsy shop so you can integrate it with Printify

Answer the questions as you go through the steps. During the “stock your shop” step you’ll be asked to create a listing. You have to do this in order to finish setting up your account.

Here you can add your first product, but since you haven’t set up your Printify account yet, you can’t do that.

That’s why you have to setup a dummy listing. This is a listing that you set up only for the purpose of creating your account and remove once the account is created.

So go ahead and add a random image, title and description and create your first dummy listing. 

Once you’ve gone through all the steps, your shop will be ready to sell and you can integrate your Printify account. 

Create Your Printify Account

Setting up a Printify account is very quick. Just navigate to the Printify website and create an account. 

How to create your Printify account so you can integrae it with Etsy

Once your account is created, you can setup Printify as your Etsy production partner. 

Setup Printify As Your Etsy Production Partner

Once both accounts are setup, you can add Printify as your Etsy production partner.

For this step, navigate to settings on your Etsy dashboard and click on “production partners”.

Here you want to add Printify as your production partner.

When it comes to the production partner location, you’ll want to look that up first. Since Printify is a marketplace that outsources their printing jobs, the location of your printing partner will depend on the printing partner that you end up picking. 

In order to find the location of your Printify production partner type the name into google followed by “Printify”.

So your query will look like this “Monster Digital Printify”. Then click on the Printify webpage that will show up where you can find the address. 

Answer the questions as follows:

How to add Printify as your production partner on Etsy

Production Partner: Printify

Descriptive title: Print on Demand Service

Location: Miami, Florida, United States Of America

About production partner: A fulfilment, warehousing and shipping service for small online retailers. 

About your partnership

Why are you working with this partner?

“I don’t have the technical ability or equipment to make it entirely myself.”

What is your role in the design process?

“I design everything myself.”

What is this partner’s role in the production process?

“They do everything for me.”

Next, hit save partner. 

Integrate Printify with Etsy

The last step is to integrate Printify with Etsy for an automated fulfillment process. This means that when someone orders from your Etsy shop, Printify will automatically notify you that they have received the order and send it to your customer.

So with a successful Printify Etsy integration, everything is done for you! Why do people open brick and mortars again?

Head on over to The Printify Etsy integration page and hit “connect”.

Well, that’s it! Your Printful Etsy integration is complete and your shop now works on autopilot. (Except for customer service, of course).

Printify Etsy Integration FAQ

What is the Printify Location for Etsy?

As I mentioned earlier, the Printify location for Etsy is completely dependant on the printing partner that you ship from. 

The quickest way to find their location is to google their name + Printify like so “Monster Digital Printify” and navigate to the first Printify web page. There you will find where exactly they fulfill from. In this case, it’s Miami, Florida, United States. 

Does Printify automatically fulfill my order?

Yes. If you have followed the above steps and integrated Printify with Etsy then Printify will automatically fulfill your orders for you. 

Once someone places an order on your Etsy shop, you will receive an email confirmation from Etsy. A couple of hours later, you will receive an email notification from Printify notifying you that they too, have received the order confirmation and will get started on Printing your product. 

How can I make my first listing if I can’t connect to Printify yet? 

Your Etsy shop won’t yet be integrated with Printify when making your first listing to create your Etsy shop account. 

This is why you should create a dummy listing instead. 

To do this simply add a fake product picture, title and description and publish the listing.

Once your account is setup, delete the listing. 

Is Print on Demand legal on Etsy? 

Yes, Etsy allows print on demand. That’s why they allow Printify as a production partner and allow the app to integrate with theirs. 

Final Words

Hopefully you have successfully integrated your Printify with Etsy.

This means your entire fulfillment process will now be automated and done for you. 

If some things still are unclear on the Printify Etsy integration, you can check out Printify’s 1-minute tutorial on the integration. 

If after that, you still have questions about how to setup Printify with Etsy, you can ask them below and I will answer them for you. 

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