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Ryan Scribner Net Worth, Age, Youtube Earnings (2021)

How Does Ryan Scribner Make Money?

Ryan Scribner is a popular Personal Finance Youtuber.

Ryan’s Youtube Channel has 700k subscribers and according to Social Blade, it grows with about 10k subscribers every month.

So how does he make money?

Ryan has several different sources of income:

  • Youtube Ad Revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Investment portfolio
  • His blog

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that allows creators, influencers, and bloggers to promote products for companies and earn a commission for each successful referral.

Ryan Scribner is part of a bunch of affiliate programs such as Robinhood and Coinbase. which he continuously links to in his Youtube descriptions and has separate review videos for as well.

Since Ryan Scribner has over 700K subscribers and gets 900k monthly views, he likely makes a pretty substantial amount from these affiliate programs alone.

For example in his 2019 video (linked above), he revealed he makes $12,025 from affiliate marketing in a single month.

Of course that video is from 2019 and he is likely earning more today.

In a recent article about how much affiliate marketers earn, we concluded that the average affiliate marketer makes anywhere from $12.5 to $75 for every 1000 views.

And if we consider his social blade stats which reveal he has around 900k average views per month, this would amount to $11,250 to $67,500.

If we take the healthy middle ground that would amount to $38,700 in affiliate income per month. Of course, these numbers are just rough estimations.

Ad Revenue

According to Social Blade, Ryan Scribner makes anywhere from $300 – $4000 per month from his YouTube channel.

This would mean Ryan Scribner sees an RPM (Revenue Per 1000 views) of between $0.35 to $4.50.

Since we know Social Blade estimations to be widely inaccurate (especially in the finance niche) we need to take this information with a grain of salt.

For example, we know similar YouTubers such as Andrei jikh ($13.16 RPM) and Nate O’Brien ($10-$15 RPM) have revealed higher RPMs in the same niche.

If we lowball it and assume Ryan has an $8 average RPM on his youtube videos, that would amount to $7200 per month.

His Dividend Portfolio

In an October 2020 video, Ryan Scribner revealed he was making $388.12 in dividend income from his $160,000 stock portfolio.

That number is likely higher today.

Ryan’s Blog: InvestingSimple

According to Semrush, Ryan’s blog InvestingSimple has around 23,000 monthly visitors (likely higher as these numbers are often inaccurate from personal experience).

His blog seems to not be running advertisements and instead relies solely on affiliate marketing.

Again using our $12.5 to $75 per 1000 view benchmark for affiliate marketers, we can conclude that his blog makes anywhere from $287.50 to $1725.

What Is Ryan Scribner Net Worth?

Ryan Scribner’s estimated net worth is $500k USD as of March 2021.

Here’s what we know:

  • Ryan Scribner has a $176,000 stock portfolio (video)
  • Ryan revealed he made $24,000 in passive income alone in March 2019 (video).
  • Ryan likely currently makes around $45,000 per month from YouTube and affiliate marketing (rough estimation) and started going full-time in 2017.
  • He makes around $300 per month in dividends (video)
  • His blog generates an estimated $1500 per month (rough estimation)

How Much Money Does Ryan Scribner Make?

Between his income from affiliate marketing, YouTube Ad Revenue, his blog, and dividend income, Ryan Scribner makes an estimated $50,000 per month. (rough estimation)

How Did Ryan Scribner Get Started?

  • In April 2015 Ryan graduated college at 20 years old and got his first full time job.
  • In August 2015, after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, Ryan decided to start investing in mutual funds
  • In October 2016 Ryan started his YouTube channel where he cover topics such as personal finance, personal development and Fitness. Later this channel would start to solely focus on the personal finance niche.
  • In 2017 Ryan quit his job and turned his personal finance youtube channel into his full-time gig
  • In August 2017 Ryan launched his online course
  • In June 2018 Ryan bought the ‘investing simple’ Instagram account and blog in an attempt to diversify his income sources.

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