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Sarah Crisp (Wholesale Ted) Net Worth, Age, Youtube Earnings (2021)

How Does Sarah Crisp Make Money?

Sarah Crisp, better known as Dropshipping Youtuber ‘Wholesale Ted’ is an online entrepreneur, e-commerce expert, and popular YouTuber.

Sarah’s Youtube Channel has 750k subscribers and according to Social Blade, it grows with about 30k subscribers every month.

Sarah Crisp has 5 online income sources:

  • Sales from her own dropshipping and print on demand stores
  • Youtube Ad Revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Her online course: The Ecomm Clubhouse
  • Sponsorships on Youtube

How Much Money Does Sarah Crisp Make?

Between her income from affiliate marketing, YouTube Ad Revenue and her print on demand stores, Sarah Crisp from Wholesale Ted makes an estimated $50,000 per month.

This number is based on the videos posted on her Youtube channel.

The actual amount is likely higher as it does not include the sales from her course: The Ecomm Clubhouse.

Here’s a little rundown of her online money making methods:

Sales from Dropshipping/Print on Demand stores

Every now and then, Sarah Will share a video of one of her stores on her YouTube channel. In a video from March last year, she revealed she makes $2000 per day in passive income from her printful print on demand shop.

Now of course not all of that is pure profit. If we consider a 30% profit margin, that would still amount to $18,000 a month from just one of her stores.

Ad Revenue From Youtube

In a recent video, Sarah Crisp showed us EXACTLY how much she made for 1 million views.

That same video also reveals her RPM (Revenue Per 1000 views) which appears to be at an average of $15.89!

This number is higher than other YouTubers we’ve profiled such as personal finance YouTubers Andrei Jikh and Nate O’Brien!

Using her $15.89 average RPM as the benchmark and multiplying that with her 1.2 million views we know she receives each month, we can conclude that the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel generates around $19,068 per month in Ad Revenue alone.

Affiliate Marketing

In a video revealing her 5 different passive income streams, Sarah Crisp reveals she makes $200 per day from Shopify Referrals alone.

That’s $6000 per month from ONE affiliate program.

But she didn’t stop there. Sarah reveals she made $3,800 in one month from place-it commissions.

So combined that would mean Wholesale Ted generates $9,800 per month in affiliate income alone.

Learn more about how much affiliate marketers make.

What Is Sarah Crisp Net Worth?

Sarah Chrisp’s estimated net worth is $1 – 2 million USD.

While we don’t know Sarah Crisp’s actual net worth, from the many videos she posted, we can confirm that she makes A LOT of money online (over 50k per month).

If we consider that she has been on youtube for 5 years, she has likely made at least a million dollars from her influence on this platform alone.

Not to mention she has been hustling since she was just 15 years old. Which brings us to our next point:

How Did Sarah Crisp Get Started?

  • At 15, Sarah was a checkout clerk at New Zealand’s discount supermarket Countdown
  • In that same year, she discovered a ‘hack’ that allowed her to take advantage of Gamestop’s used game policy. Gamestop would pay large sums for games they did not have in their stock. Sarah’ turned this into a teen hustle and started purchasing games from overseas so she could re-sell them to Gamestop and make up to $1000 in a single day! You can watch the whole video below.
  • After her first hustle, Sarah was hooked and moved on to create her very first e-commerce store selling video games, and that eventually led her to discover dropshipping and print on demand.
  • In 2015, Sarah started her Youtube Channel Wholesale Ted which has since grown to 750k subscribers and one of the biggest e-commerce Youtube channels out there

Is Sarah Crisp (Wholesale Ted) Legit?

Now you may be wondering whether or not Sarah Crisp is legit as she is selling a course and we always wonder whether or not course sellers are actually speaking the truth.

I can’t speak for the content inside of her course as I have never seen the course but I do think Sarah knows what she’s talking about.

There is no way she would have reached this much success on YouTube if she didn’t.

Many of her YouTube videos are very helpful and contain gems that are useful to dropshippers and other e-commerce starters.

I know I benefitted a lot from watching her content back in 2017 when I first started with dropshipping.

And if you’re wondering whether or not Wholesale Ted actually is running an e-commerce store, check out the video above where she shows off her dashboard.

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