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Shopmaster Dropshipping Review

Are you looking for an Oberlo or DSers alternative for your dropshipping store?

Shopmaster comes to mind, but is it any good? And how does it compare to other dropshipping apps?

In this Shopmaster Review we will explore all of the features that come with Shopmaster and compare the app to similar platforms, so you can decide whether or not it’s the right app for you.

What is Shopmaster?

Shopmaster is a dropshipping app made for Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, 3Dcart and Wish.

This dropshipping app allows you to automate your dropshipping business by importing products to your store and fulfill them easily.

Shopmaster can be fully integrated with AliExpress, Banggood, CJDropshipping and Gogomall.

This makes them a very good alternative to Oberlo and DSers for those who want to gain access to more suppliers than just AliExpress.

Next to that, Shopmaster can also import products from suppliers such as Alibaba, 1688, Taobao, eBay, Amazon, DHGate, Walmart and others.

Fulfillment is not automated for these suppliers though, so you will have to order them manually yourself.

Shopmaster Dropshipping Features

Easy Product Import From 20+ Suppliers

Importing products to your store is a breeze with Shopmaster.

Shopmaster has a product catalog with products from CJDropshipping, AliExpress and more directly integrated within the app.

So you can easily look for products and import them at the click of a button.

If you want to import products directly from supplier websites such as AliExpress, Banggood, CJDropshipping, 1688, Taobao and so on, you can do so by downloading the Shopmaster google chrome extension.

This chrome extension makes it super easy to import products directly to your store at the click of a button.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to install the chrome extension, you can import products through URL. 

Shopmaster allows URL imports from over 20 suppliers.

Bulk Order Processing

With Shopmaster, you don’t have to manually fulfill order after order as you would with the base version of Oberlo for example.

Instead, you can fulfill up to 300 orders at the click of one button!

This can save you a lot of time and effort and this feature is included in the free version of Shopmaster.

AliExpress Whitelist

Shopmaster is an official dropshipping partner for AliExpress. This means that by using Shopmaster, your AliExpress account will be whitelisted. 

This comes with the advantage that your account will never be limited, something that often happens on AliExpress and is a big pain to drop shippers.

When an account gets limited, you are unable to make new orders until you verify your account which can take some time. 

With AliExpress whitelist, you can place an unlimited amount of orders and process them in bulk. 

Built-in Product Database

Shopmaster has a built-in product catalog that makes it easy for you to import products to your store.

The products listed here are popular products from AliExpress, CJDropshipping and Banggood. 

Auto Tracking PayPal 

When a customer purchases from your store using PayPal, Shopmaster will automatically update tracking numbers and upload them to PayPal.

This is a great feature to prevent payment holds and disputes from PayPal when dropshipping.

Please note: Shopmaster has more features than listed here. These are just the primary functions that I deemed most important for this review.

Shipment Tracking

You don’t need to manually send tracking numbers to your customer or use a third-party app for this. 

Shopmaster will update tracking numbers for you. 

Shopmaster Review — Pricing

Shopmaster has 4 pricing plans.

Starter (free), Basic ($19.90/mo), Business ($39.90/mo) and Enterprise ($79.99/mo).

Luckily for us, the free Shopmaster plan includes just about everything you need as a drop shipper.

With the start plan you get access to 800 product imports from 20 different suppliers.

You’ll also get unlimited order fulfillment.

The only real features you are missing from the basic plan ($19.90/mo) is bulk order fulfillment and access to the AliExpress Affiliate Program.

So if you want full access to all Shopmasters features, you’ll need to get the basic plan and pay the monthly fee.

The only reasons to upgrade after that would be if you need to import more than 2500 products which I highly doubt many drop shippers require. 

Shopmaster Review — Dashboard and UI

shopmaster dashboard

Shopmaster has a very easy to use dashboard.

On the home page, you will find your order and sales analytics and a display of your most popular products. 

On the top navigation bar you’ll find sourcing options where you can import orders, a button to add more stores and your order page where you can fulfill orders.

Navigating the dashboard is super easy and shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. 

Shopmaster Review — Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling an order using Shopmaster is very straight-forward, especially if you have used a similar app such as Oberlo or DSers before.

Simply head on over to your orders page and navigate to the ‘to purchase’ page. 

Here you’ll find all the orders you have yet to fulfill.

By clicking purchase, Shopmaster will generate a checkout link for you.

Alternatively, you can checkout using the Shopmaster google chrome extension in which case it will take you directly to the supplier website (e.g. AliExpress) and fill in the correct shipping information of your customer. 

You can also order products in bulk by selecting all orders and choosing purchase on the top left.

Shopmaster vs Oberlo

Oberlo is the number 1 used dropshipping app out there.

However, Oberlo is very limited in its function.

Oberlo can only be used with Shopify and only integrates with AliExpress as a supplier.

Still, this covers about 95% of drop shippers.

Shopmaster on the other hand, can be integrated with 5 popular dropshipping suppliers: AliExpress, Banggood, CJDropshipping and GogoMall. 

As well as import products from even more suppliers.

On top of that, Shopmaster works with many platforms other than Shopify such as: Wish, WooCommerce, eBay and 3dcart.

This offers drop shippers plenty of options compared to Oberlo.

Both apps have a free plan, but Shopmaster has more features included in the free plan compared to Oberlo.

On Oberlo you can only fulfill 50 orders per month at which point you need to pay for the $29.90 per month plan.

Shopmaster, allows you to fulfill an unlimited amount of orders per month.

Shopmaster also is an official AliExpress dropshipping partner, which Oberlo is not.

Clearly, Shopmaster has more features and is the all around winner here.

However, the majority still uses Oberlo, why?

Well, Oberlo is simply the best known dropshipping app out there.

They have amazing support, being owned by Shopify, lots of learning resources out there and the app is very easy to use.

Shopmaster, is a bit less user friendly, has less support and no learning resources. 

Both are great apps for dropshipping.

Oberlo is more beginner-friendly and generally the best option when you’re just starting out and plan on dropshipping from AliExpress any way. 

Shopmaster is a nice alternative once you are past that beginner face and or you want to venture into different suppliers than just AliExpress. 

Shopmaster vs DSers

Both Shopmaster and DSers are official AliExpress dropshipping partners and come very close feature-wise. 

Both apps have bulk order processing, variant mapping, AliExpress whitelist, shipment tracking, and other features under their belt.

However, just like Oberlo, DSers is limited to AliExpress only.

Whereas Shopmaster allows a lot more store and supplier integrations.  

UI and dashboard-wise, I prefer DSers over Shopmaster.

For that reason alone, I would pick DSers over Shopmaster when dropshipping from AliExpress.

How to use Shopmaster for 1688 and TaoBao Dropshipping

To finish off this Shopmaster Review, I’d like to mention that you can use Shopmaster for 1688 and TaoBao dropshipping.

You can import products from TaoBao and 1688 by copy pasting the URL in your Shopmaster dashboard.

Alternatively, you can also use the Shopmaster chrome extension for this. 

Dropshipping from 1688 and TaoBao is a little complicated, as these sites are in Chinese but it is well worth it if you know what you’re doing as you will get far cheaper pricing compared to AliExpress. 

Using 1688 or TaoBao you can really increase your profit margins or lower your product cost and undercut the competition. 

Shopmaster currently is not fully integrated with TaoBao or 1688 so you will still have to manually fulfill orders.

My Review of the Shopmaster Dropshipping Tool

Reviewing Shopmaster has been a pleasant experience for me.

I’m surprised Shopmaster doesn’t have more recognition in the dropshipping world. 

They definitely deserve it, being a free app with more features than Oberlo.

Again, if you’re just starting out, I would opt for Oberlo instead of Shopmaster. 

As a beginner, you don’t need any of the fancy features and the resources and support Oberlo has to offer will help you a lot more at the start and generally leave you less confused. 

For intermediate drop shippers out there seeking different suppliers or more features, Shopmaster is definitely worth checking out.

Creating an account is free and easy so just sign up, link your store and give it a shot! 

What have you got to lose? 

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