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What Happened To Turbo Ad Finder? — Turbo Ad Finder Alternatives

If you were dropshipping in 2017 you may have used the Turbo Ad Finder chrome extension.

Or maybe you’ve heard some guru talk about it in a youtube video that you now realise was posted a while ago.

Turbo Ad Finder is a nifty little tool that turned your Facebook page in a dropshipping ad research machine.

It got rid of all your friends posts and instead ONLY displayed ads on your feed.

This was a KILLER method to find new winning dropshipping products quickly as all you had to do was a scroll and check for engagement and underlying stores.

What happened to turbo ad finder that made it stop working?

This combined with the BIT.LY+ trick, you could quickly find the best performing new AliExpress products to dropship. 

This was one of the best apps out there and being free, should have been part of any dropshippers tool-box.

But for a couple of months now, drop shippers have found that while you can still install the chrome extension, it doesn’t appear to be working anymore.

Which leaves the question…

What Happened to Turbo Ad Finder?

The truth is, we don’t know what happened to turbo ad finder.

Turbo Ad Finder was suddenly removed from the chrome store and later re-uploaded but the extension never seemed to work again after that.

The developer has yet to give an explanation as to why this happened.

Our best guess is that as Facebook continued to update, the extension stopped working and the developer never bothered to update it.

Likely, this is because turbo ad finder was completely free and the developer was not making any money from it.

Another explanation could be that the chrome extension got the developer in legal trouble as the chrome extension technically takes advantage of Facebook Ad system and robs advertiser of their money.

Either way, I doubt Turbo Ad Finder will ever come back.

Turbo Ad Finder Alternatives

So what else is out there?

Are there any alternatives to Turbo Ad Finder?

Yes there are! 

Facebook Ad Library

Turbo Ad Finder Alternative: Facebook Ad Library

Yep. Facebook has come out with its OWN ad spy tool.

AND it’s better than most premium tools. 

This makes sense, as Facebook has the big data of course.

The Facebook Ad Library allows you to spy on ANY competitor by checking out their Facebook Ads. 

Seriously, NO ONE is hidden from this feature.

How does it work?

Let’s say you’ve found a product you want to sell.

After using a competitor research tool such as Seller Pulse, you’ve come up with a couple of stores that sell this exact product. 

Now you want to figure out HOW they are advertising this product.

Previously, you had no real way of finding this without using expensive premium ad software.

Now, you can simply go to their Facebook Page and in the tab ‘Page Transparency’ you can find whether or not they are currently running Ads.

There is also a link which takes you to the Facebook Ad Library. 

Here you can see EXACTLY what Ads they are currently running. 

This is an amazing feature for your product research if you have a list of competing stores.

Of course, while the features are amazing, this doesn’t let you find new products as the Turbo Ad Finder allowed you to do.

Which brings me to the next Turbo Ad Finder alternative:

Facebook Ad Library Helper

Turbo Ad Finder Alternative: Facebook Ad library Helper

Facebook Ad Library Helper is a 100% FREE Turbo Ad Finder alternative.

This Ad Spy tool, which is also a chrome extension, utilizes the data from the Facebook Ad Library and makes it so that you can search for keywords, get performance metrics and track the changes they have made.

This makes for a great add-on for the FB Ad Library and adds a lot of additional value to make the Ad Library even better.


Turbo Ad Finder Alternative: MyAdFinder

MyAdFinder is the most similar to Turbo Ad Finder.

If you were looking for an exact alternative, this extension is about as close as it gets.

MyAdFinder is a free chrome extension runs in the background and collects all the ads on your Facebook feed.

So you can basically scroll down on your feed for a couple of minutes and then press the ‘collect’ ads function to receive all the Ads you have passed in your scrolling.

This is about as close as it gets to Turbo Ad Finder as you get to view ads in a separate page.

Of course, it’s no where near as automatic as Turbo Ad Finder was, but then again, it’s the only current available option so we’ll have to deal with that.

Now you may be thinking, I don’t want to scroll my Facebook feed for half an hour to finally get to view my ads, right?

Well, there is a little trick you can use. 

If you’re using Windows, you can enable auto-scrolling.

This is done by scrolling down and pushing in the mouse wheel, this way, your mouse will automatically scroll your feed.

You can then leave your pc for however long you please, go for a walk or get some food and return to collect all your ads!

Bottom Line

Sadly, Turbo Ad Finder is no longer working.

Luckily for us, there are quite a bit of free alternatives available that we can use instead.

Including the amazing Facebook Ad Library which is probably one of the best free tools out there.

If you’re looking for something similar to Turbo Ad Finder, MyAdFinder is an almost exact alternative to Turbo Ad Finder.

You only need to do the scrolling yourself, but it’s better than nothing!

Hopefully, this article has answered your questions about Turbo Ad Finder and given you some free alternative options for your Facebook Ad Spying.

Let me know if there are any further questions regarding the Turbo Ad Finder or other Facebook Ad Spy tools and I’ll try to answer them for you. 

Happy Dropshipping! 


Why is Turbo Ad Finder Not Working?

The developer has stopped updating Turbo Ad Finder. It’s not just you, the tool is not working for everyone and likely will never work again.

Check out MyAdFinder as a free Turbo Ad Finder alternative.

What is a Turbo Ad Finder Alternative For Firefox or Safari?

Turbo Ad Finder has no working alternatives for Firefox or Safari. You can use MyAdFinder instead but you’ll have to install it to google chrome.

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