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uDroppy: AliExpress Dropshipping Alternative?

We all know AliExpress dropshipping comes with some issues such as long shipping times, bad communication with suppliers and no white-label possibilities. 

This is where uDroppy comes in and makes a difference.

What is uDroppy? 

uDroppy is a Shopify dropshipping app for sourcing and fulfilling products.

The app itself, works in a similar way to Oberlo. 

However, while Oberlo provides merely an integration between your store and AliExpress suppliers, uDroppy offers integration directly with dropshipping suppliers.

This comes with multiple advantages such as:

  • Fast shipping
  • Custom packaging
  • Private label options
  • One-click fulfillment

And more!

Seriously, the options uDroppy provides are exciting to say the least.

So let’s take a look at them.

uDroppy Pricing

udroppy pricing

uDroppy is definitely not the cheapest dropshipping solution out there.

Plans start at $19/mo which gives you access to 10 products. This is good for a one product store or a micro-niche store with limited inventory.

However, choosing this plan comes completely without support from uDroppy.

And running a dropshipping store without support is well.. Not ideal.

The Traction plan is the first decent plan they offer. This gives you access to unlimited products, live chat support and you even get 8 product requests per month. 

For dropshippers with multiple stores to run, the pro plan becomes viable once you have at least 2-3 stores. 

At this point you also get a personal merchant success manager which will really help you better understand the logistical process of dropshipping.

(and help you find winning products)

Every uDroppy plan comes with a 7 day trial you can use to check out the platform, get familiar and see if it fits your business.

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uDroppy Suppliers

No uDroppy does not use suppliers from AliExpress. UDroppy uses private suppliers to push your products through.

They have suppliers all over the world meaning you actually will be able to dropship products directly from the US or EU. 

Shipping times are, as stated on their website, between 9 and 15 working days.

There is no ridiculously long processing time, like we have with AliExpress. 

uDroppy Features

One-click Product Import and Fulfillment

uDroppy’s suppliers are fully integrated within their platform creating a seamless product import and fulfillment experience.  

Seriously, if you thought Oberlo made product fulfillment easy, you haven’t seen uDroppy yet.

Products are fulfilled in bulk at the click of a button. Unlike Oberlo, which takes you to an AliExpress checkout page. UDroppy makes fulfillment an absolute breeze. 

Request Product Sourcing

request product sourcing on uDroppy

Say uDroppy doesn’t have a product you really want to start dropshipping, that sounds annoying right? Well, you can request for this product to be sourced for you!

Simply fill in the sourcing request form in your uDroppy dashboard and they will take care of it for you. 

This feature is available to Traction plans and up. 

Keep in mind: 

Private Label

Maybe dropshipping existing products isn’t for you and you’d rather have something custom with your own logo and branding? Insert uDroppy private label! 

Pro and Platinum plan users have access to uDroppy’s private label service. 

Using the private label function also requires a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 products. 

More on uDroppy’s website about how to use their private label feature.

uDroppy doesn’t just allow you to customize your product though, you can also get customized packaging as well!

Virtual Warehouse

uDroppy gives you access to virtual warehousing

Virtual Warehousing is a spin on the dropshipping model. 

This is where you send bulk products to a uDroppy warehouse and have them fulfill orders for you.

This is great because you can buy products in bulk and save a massive amount of money all the while still maintaining the same remote-fulfillment advantages of the dropshipping model.

Just like with dropshipping through uDroppy, you’ll be able to bulk fulfill orders in just one click and uDroppy will take care of the rest. 

UDroppy has fulfillment centers in China, Spain, Italy and Romania.

This means you can have quick order fulfillment and shipping in both Europe and Asia. 

Products shipped from China will take around 9 days to get delivered while products from Europe will take around 1 – 3 days to be delivered.

In regular dropshipping fashion, you’ll pay for shipping only when products are shipped out. 

You’ll need a PRO or PLATINUM plan for the Virtual Warehousing feature.

Keep in mind that virtual warehousing is not free, and you’ll have to reach out to uDroppy support for a quote.

Merchant Success Manager

uDroppy merchant success manager

Starting from the Pro plan, you get access to your very own merchant success manager.

This is your dedicated uDroppy support contact person. 

Success managers are trained e-commerce specialists who not only provide you with your questions but also go above and beyond to search for personalized solutions for you and consult your business.

Cash on Delivery

uDroppy cash on delivery

Cash on Delivery is, as the name suggests when your customers pay the courier once their product arrives. 

This is a great feature for two reasons:

  • Customers are more likely to purchase knowing they don’t have to pay online for security reasons
  • Customers 

This is a great feature to have on your dropshipping store because customers are more likely to purchase when they know they don’t have to pay beforehand. 

It also helps build trust easily. No customer will believe your store is a “scam” when they can order products without paying for them. 

uDroppy has cash on delivery available in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Greece.

Invoices are Automated

I remember back in the day how hard it was to get invoices from AliExpress. This was before services like Ali Invoice were a thing and my accountant was constantly nagging about this. 

Udroppy makes product invoicing a breeze instead of an accounting nightmare with their automatic invoicing system.

UDroppy’s automatic invoicing feature keeps your accountant happy, and your taxes lower. 

uDroppy vs Oberlo

Let’s compare uDroppy to Oberlo, the most popular dropshipping fulfillment app there is.

Oberlo is a product sourcing and fulfillment app for Shopify that helps you source products from AliExpress and fulfill them as well.

UDroppy, has a network of factories to help you source products and fulfill them.

Shipping Times

uDroppy has suppliers in the EU and US. They also don’t have annoyingly long processing times like AliExpress suppliers do. 

This allows for shipping times to be quite a bit faster than with AliExpress. 

While AliExpress products can take up to 30 days to get fulfilled, uDroppy maintains a standard of 9-15 working days. 

UDroppy is the clear winner here. 

Product Pricing

AliExpress is a marketplace with hundreds of thousands of suppliers competing with each other.

This creates a lot of pricing competition between and them and results in ridiculously low-priced products. 

While uDroppy’s product prices still tend to be somewhat similar to those on AliExpress, the shipping prices are often a lot more expensive. 

This cuts into your profit margins, and when running Facebook ads, can really kill your overall profits. 

Oberlo wins here. 

Product Import & Fulfillment

With Oberlo you can only import products from AliExpress.

These suppliers, while cheap, are in China and take a long time to deliver to worldwide locations.

With uDroppy, you have access to suppliers within the EU and US.

This way, you can offer faster shipping options and even dropship products domestically.

uDroppy wins here.

Extra Features

Next to basic import and fulfillment, uDroppy comes with a wide range of extra features.

You get your own merchant success manager on the more expensive plans which can help you on a personal level with your business and even your product research.

On top of that you can request for certain products to be sourced, you can private-label goods, have custom packaging, cash on delivery, and even use them as a virtual warehouse.

Oberlo is more barebones and provides basic import and fulfillment needs for AliExpress dropshipping.

They do have a lot of dropshipping resources and guides that are very useful.

uDroppy wins here too.

Overall Winner: uDroppy

Clearly, uDroppy provides a better and more complete service than Oberlo. 

Shipping times are faster, you gain access to special features such as product customizations and cash on delivery and on the higher plans, you even get a dedicated account manager.

However, uDroppy comes at a price. The monthly subscriptions aren’t cheap, especially when compared to Oberlo’s free plan, and your profit margins will be lower in the end as well.

In the end, it’s entirely up to you what kind of service you want to offer.

If you care about your clients and are going for long-term branding building, uDroppy is definitely the way to go.

However, for beginners who are still starting out and have smaller budgets, Oberlo might be the better choice for you. 

My Personal Review of uDroppy

udroppy review

What I love about uDroppy

I love the many premium features that come with uDroppy. 

I love the dedicated success manager, I love the options virtual warehousing brings to the table and I love that you can create a real brand with uDroppy through private labelling products.

What I absolutely love the most, is the one-click fulfillment. 

I remember the days where I paid a virtual assistant to fulfill my orders, and now we have applications like uDroppy that do all of this in one simple click, crazy.

I love that uDroppy brings the best of eCommerce within one dashboard.

What I don’t love about uDroppy

As I scale with Facebook Ads primarily, I don’t like the high shipping prices some suppliers ask for fulfillment. 

I like to keep my product cost as low as possible in order to keep my CPP’s as low as possible and uDroppy’s high shipping costs can become a problem here. 

Personally, I see uDroppy as a premium eCommerce experience. I wouldn’t recommend them to complete beginners, but to anyone above that, they are definitely worth checking out. 

Wrap Up: Is uDroppy For You?

uDroppy is not a cheap dropshipping service compared to the many competitors out there.

The first plan where this service becomes truly worth it, starts at $149 per month.

That’s steep.

However, they are a nice alternative to AliExpress dropshipping if you’re looking for something more branded, professional with custom packaging, and faster shipping.

I wouldn’t recommend uDroppy if you’re a beginner that’s strapped for cash.

If you’re a beginner I would encourage you to use a free dropshipping app like Oberlo or DSers instead and instead invest your money on learning Facebook Ads.

However, if you’re an intermediate to advanced drop shipper, uDroppy could be a very good service for you and you should definitely check them out.

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