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What Happened To Gabriel St-Germain?

In 2018 Gabriel St-Germain started posting videos to his Youtube Channel where he shared secrets to his dropshipping success.

The videos he posted were a mixture of both tutorials and case studies.

His videos were very in-depth and contain many ‘golden nuggets’ as the dropshipping community would say.

For example, his most popular video ‘free dropshipping course How I made 664k in 3 months’ amassed a whopping 1.2million views and caused Gabriel to quickly rise to become the face of dropshipping.

But then on July 6th 2019, Gabriel posted his final video.

This video was a case study of how he made 100k in just 25 days using Facebook Ads.

So what happened to Gabriel St-Germain?

Why did he vanish from the online dropshipping sphere and why did he abandon his Youtube Channel with over 200,000 subscribers?

(After all a youtube channel like that is worth A LOT of money)

His sudden silence left a lot of his fans with questions.

Some even wonder if he died!

Luckily, Gabriel St Germain is very much alive and he is simply onto better things.

Gabriel St-Germain updates his following on his recent private label brand and explains why is no longer posting videos

In his latest post in his Facebook Group eCom Mastermind he explains what he’s up to these days.

Basically, he is focussing on his very own private label brand and is thus stepping away from the conventional dropshipping model.

In the post he shares a screenshot of his private label brand surpassing 2,000,000 dollars in sales!

This update was from November 2019.

In 2020 Gabriel released a second update, this time in the description of his Youtube Channel where he explains that he is no longer focussed on dropshipping, and that’s why he stopped posting videos.

Gabriel St Germain 2020 update: he is no longer focussed on dropshipping and that's why he isn't posting videos anymore

Gabriel is now focussing solely on long-term projects and suggests you check out his featured channels if you want more dropshipping content.

How To Start A Private Label Brand Like Gabriel-St Germain

In 2019 Gabriel Discovered private labeling and used his expertise as a master dropshipper to build long-term brands instead using this business model.

But how do you get started with private labeling?

How is it different from dropshipping and how can YOU get started?

For this information and more, check out our Definitive Branded Dropshipping Guide.

Who Is Gabriel St-Germain

Gabriel St-Germain is a Canadian entrepreneur, digital marketer and e-commerce expert.

He is 24 years old and started creating dropshipping videos in August of 2018.

His calm and non-aggressive approach was instantly liked by the dropshipping community which up until then, was flooded with aggressive marketers trying to sell their courses to naive individuals.

And Gabriel quickly rose to become one of the best known dropshipping gurus out there.

His free dropshipping course have helped many entrepreneurs chase their dreams and finally become financially free just like him.

Some of his fans consider him to be the greatest dropshipper out there.

He eventually also dropped his own course: the ecom blueprint which is now closed from further enrollment.

What Is Gabriel St-Germains Net Worth?

Whenever someone becomes a public figure, people start googling their net worths.

Especially if that person is making videos about making money online.

After all, people want to know if public figures like Gabriel St-Germain are legit.

The truth is, nobody knows how much Gabriel is worth but himself.

From his many case studies and the screenshots he shared, we can be certain that Gabriel is doing very well for himself.

The fact that he abandoned his youtube channel with 200,000 subscribers and closed his dropshipping course which was one of if not the most successful dropshipping course out there, proves that he doesn’t need the extra cash flow from these channels.

If that doesn’t prove he was legit, I don’t know what will!

Gabriel has mastered eCommerce and wants to solely focus on creating real-long lasting brands.

And we at Ecomphox can only applaud that.

I wish him the best of luck in the future.

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