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WIIO Dropshipping Review — Alternative To AliExpress?

Looking for an AliExpress Alternative?

Tired of the long shipping times that AliExpress offers but don’t want to pay expensive monthly fees for services such as uDroppy?

WIIO has got you. They pride themselves as a dropshipping supplier that competes with AliExpress and its pricing, has super fast shipping available and charges no monthly fees.

Does it sound too good to be true?

I’ll review it for you.

This WIIO Dropshipping Review will cover all the features and compare it to direct competitors such as AliExpress and CJDropshipping.

What is WIIO?

WIIO is a dropshipping supplier similar to services such as Zendrop, uDroppy, CJDropshipping, and others. 

They are an up and coming alternative to AliExpress dropshipping.

WIIO has a Shopify app and WooCommerce plugin for easy integrations.

WIIO has its own products, stored in 3 warehouses (2 in China, 1 in the US) but also allows you to import products directly from AliExpress. 

WIIO Features

No Monthly Fees

As of right now, using WIIO, is completely free.

They will never charge you for a monthly fee, which is great.

This makes them similar to other free suppliers such as CJDropshipping and Eprolo. 

Virtual Warehousing

WIIO has dedicated warehouses that can hold your inventory for you.

This means that you can order products in bulk and let WIIO do the fulfillment for you.

This way, you’re still dropshipping in a way, but you also own your own stock and can reap the benefits of doing so.

Benefits of buying in bulk are:

  • Higher profit margins as products are cheap because you’re buying them at dirt-cheap wholesale prices
  • Other drop shippers can’t sell your inventory and thus you can be in charge of your stock and never run out

WIIO dropshipping has warehouses in China and the US.

Sourcing Requests

Need to sell a product but can’t find it in WIIO’s product catalog? 

WIIO will source it for you.

Or at least, that’s what they tell you on their home page.

I have no experience with the product sourcing requests and they don’t seem to have a sourcing request tab built into their dashboard. 

Out of experience with other suppliers, my guess is that if you reach out to them, they will probably source it for you if they deem the product good enough. 

Don’t take my word for it, though.

Order with Paypal

WIIO allows you to pay with PayPal for your orders.

This is great because this means you will fall under the PayPal Buyer Protection.

Which if you have dropshipping experience, is both a blessing and a curse.

Great for buyers, terrible for sellers. 

In this case, it means PayPal will cover you, if WIIO tries to screw you over.

Better Pricing Than AliExpress

WIIO claims to provide better pricing than AliExpress.

This is a claim they live up to for the most part, as most products are definitely lower priced than they are on AliExpres.

However, they charge really high shipping prices (almost always over $7) which usually leads products to be priced similar, slightly cheaper, or slightly more expensive than those on AliExpress.

Custom Product Photos & Videos

Just like with CJDropshipping, WIIO has a service where you can request product photography and videos.

This is a great add-on as you don’t have to take them yourselves and the footage will be more professional. 

Of course, product photos and videos are not free and you’ll have to request a quote.

Custom Packaging And Thank-You Cards

For an additional fee, you can request custom packaging with your brand logo on them.

You can also get custom labels and even include thank-you cards inside the packages.

WIIO Review — Dashboard and UI

wiio dashboard review

Creating a free account is easy with WIIO, just sign up to their website and fill in the basic info.

Next, you can install the Shopify app to link your store with WIIO.

Or if you’re using WooCommerce, you can install the WIIO plugin for WordPress. 

Layout-wise the dasboard looks and functions similar to other dropshipping apps such as Oberlo, Zendrop and Spocket.

On the dashboard home page, you can view your sales analytics in a simple graph. 

On the sidebar menu you get access to features such as: 

  • Products: WIIO product catalog, AliExpress import, Your products
  • Orders: this is where you fulfill your orders
  • Stores: here you can link your Shopify/WooCommerce store
  • Support Tickets
  • Account management for employees and Virtual Assistants

All in all, the dashboard is clean and easy to use.

Migrating from another platform will be a breeze and no one should have any issues with the usability of the WIIO dashboard.

WIIO Review — Order Fulfillment & Shipping

This is where a service like WIIO should thrive.

After all, we shift from AliExpress dropshipping to services like this for one big reason: faster fulfillment and shipping.

WIIO uses a special line delivery method which has estimated delivery times of 8-16 days.

They also advertise a ‘Fast WIIO Private Line’ with delivery times of 5-10 days. 

On top of that, they offer the basic lines such as epPacket, China Post, DHL, e-EMS and more.

Estimation-wise, it seems their ‘special line’ seems to have the same estimations as CJPacket for CJDropshipping which promises 7-17 days delivery.

Now out of experience we know that these smaller ‘special lines’ are usually pretty fast but can suffer during busy seasons such as the coronavirus pandemic and holiday seasons. 

One thing I will note about shipping is in comparison to what CJDropshipping charges for their CJPacket, WIIO charges A LOT.

Delivery prices at WIIO usually start at around $7. That’s a lot of money you’re paying for shipping and it makes no sense they are asking this much when the competition charges so much less.

Their steep shipping prices will definitely cut into profit margins and may even make Facebook Advertising impossible when using them as you will simply not be profitable.

Makes me feel like they’re taking advantage of dropshippers looking for faster shipping.

WIIO Review — Product Pricing and Availability

So how do their products fare against AliExpress pricing?

After all they do claim to be cheaper than AliExpress, so are they really?

Let’s compare.

Coverless Twist Cup

AliExpress: $11.85 + $1.84 Shipping. $13.69 total.

AliExpress product pricing vs WIIO product pricing

WIIO: $6.93 + $6.41 Shipping. $13.34 total.

WIIO Product pricing vs AliExpress Product pricing

Automatic Induction Disinfection Sprayer

On AliExpress: $12.52 + Free shipping. $12.52 total.

WIIO promises better pricing than AliExpress but this is not always true

On WIIO: $6.65 + $7.16 Shipping. $13.81 total.

In this case, AliExpress pricing is better than WIIO

Resitance Band Door Anchor

On AliExpress: $0.99 + $2.48 Shipping. $3.47 total.

AliExpress vs WIIO pricing review

On WIIO: $0.66 + $4.77 Shipping. $4.77 total.

WIIO vs AliExpress pricing review

As you can see from this pricing comparison, WIIO always charges LESS than AliExpress but they charge A LOT more for shipping.

Most products end up around the same price as AliExpress when you include shipping costs.

Sometimes products on WIIO are slightly cheaper, and sometimes they are slightly more expensive.

WIIO does provide faster shipping, so they should definitely get some credit there and this pricing comparison proves they are a very good alternative to AliExpress.

However, they rub me the wrong way in the way they price their products.

It seems to me they are trying to mislead drop shippers. 

They advertise products as cheaper than AliExpress but the only reason they are cheaper is because they charge A LOT for shipping. 

WIIO Review — Return Policy

WIIO has an incredibly basic return policy.

WIIO Return Policy Review

As you can see, this looks very bare-bones.

You can cancel orders before they are shipped. 

They accept returns on orders within 14 days of delivery, provided products are unused, in the same condition as they came shipped and in the original packaging.

WIIO vs Competitors

WIIO vs Oberlo

WIIO vs CJDropshipping

WIIO and CJDropshipping are incredibly similar as I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this WIIO review already.

Both have their own warehouses, both seem to use their own shipping lines, have their own dashboard and charge no monthly fees.

WIIO has 3 warehouses: 2 in China and 1 in the US

While CJDropshipping has warehouses in China, Thailand, the US, Indonesia, and Australia.

WIIO vs CJDropshipping: Product pricing and Availability

I had a hard time finding products that were available on both CJDropshipping an WIIO.

It seems that, popular winning products, are available on CJDropshipping about 90% of the time.

While on WIIO this is more like 30% of the time. 

Here are some searches to back my claims.

When looking for ‘lumbar support’ products, CJdropshipping displays 85 products while WIIO displays 2. 

For the search term ‘sleep’ CJ has 1771 products while WIIO displays 197.

The search term ‘fitness’ returned me with 2934 products on CJ and 939 on WIIO.

The list goes on.

As WIIO is a newer company, I think they still have a long way to go in terms of product availability and are definitely lacking in this category compared to CJDropshipping.

Of course, you can request sourcing but then again, you can do the same on CJdropshipping.

Warm Fur leggings

On CJDropshipping: $1.90 + $6.08 shipping. $7.98 total.

WIIO vs CJDropshipping pricing review

On WIIO: $1.81 + $6.56 shipping. $8.37 total.

WIIO vs CJDropshipping pricing review

Foam Roller

On CJDropshipping: $3.60 + $9.87 shipping. $13.47 total.

CJDropshipping often has better pricing than WIIO

On WIIO: $3.47 + $11.84 shipping. $15.31 total. 

In this case, WIIO has higher pricing than CJDropshipping

Yoga mat

On CJDropshipping: $4.81 + $18.80 shipping. $23.61 total.

WIIO vs CJDropshipping Review

On WIIO: $4.57 + $21.28 shipping. $25.85 total.

WIIO vs CJDropshipping Review

Pricing seems to be better on CJdropshipping for most products.

Combined with the fact CJ has a far broader product catalog, CJdropshipping definitely wins in this department. 

WIIO vs CJDropshipping: Delivery Speed

Both WIIO and CJ promise similar delivery speeds.

CJ uses CJpacket which estimates 7-17day delivery.

WIIO uses a special line which estimates 8-16 day delivery.

However, CJ has more warehouses in different countries and this can often lead to even better delivery estimates for countries such as Australia.

But all in all, their delivery times are similar and both beat most AliExpress delivery times.


For me, CJDropshipping beats WIIO. 

While both suppliers are almost identical in features, CJ offers a larger product catalog, more warehouses and a better product pricing on most occasions.

Of course, you can always use both at the same time and compare individual products to get the best offers for yourself. 😉

Read also: CJDropshipping Review

WIIO vs AliExpress

Clearly, being one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, AliExpress has a far broader product catalog.

You’ll have a hard time NOT finding a product on AliExpress.

WIIO on the other hand, is pretty limited.

Often though, products on WIIO are cheaper than on AliExpress.

Combine that with faster delivery speeds and WIIO comes out on top.

But only if they actually have the product.

My Review of WIIO

I like WIIO as a dropshipping service.

I like that they’re free to use and provide a faster shipping alternative to AliExpress.

However, I find that their main competitor CJDropshipping has a larger product catalog with cheaper prices, so I would use them over WIIO as of right now.

I hope as they continue to grow, they will try harder to stand out from competitors such as CJDropshipping.

This concludes my WIIO Review.

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