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Zendrop Review — The Best Dropshipping Service?

Are you tired of long shipping times with classic AliExpress dropshipping?

Maybe you’re looking for a private label dropshipping supplier?

Or just want your products to finally get delivered to your customer in CUSTOM packaging with YOUR branding?

Or maybe you’re just looking for something more professional and with less hassle?

That’s the kind of service that Zendrop offers to drop shippers.

In this Zendrop review, I will check out all of Zendrop’s features and compare them to close competitors such as uDroppy and other options such as the classic AliExpress dropshipping.

What is Zendrop and How Does it Work?

Zendrop, formerly known as Silkroad is a product sourcing and fulfillment app for Shopify dropshipping.

Zendrop uses US fulfillment centers to fulfill products faster than AliExpress.

On top of that, they also have extra branding features such as private labeling, custom packaging, and thank-you cards.

Basically, they provide you with a dropshipping solution that creates a lot of trust between your brand and your customers.

Something that is not possible when using Oberlo, DSers, and other dropshipping fulfillment apps that work with AliExpress suppliers.

This extra trust is necessary for long-term brand building and long-term dropshipping success.

Zendrop Features

zendrop features

Private Label & Custom Packaging

If you aren’t sure what private labeling is, it’s pretty simple.

Private label means your label is on a product that is not manufactured by you.

This product is sold by multiple stores and each has its own branding on the product, but the product underneath is exactly the same.

That’s private labeling!

This is a simple and quick way to start your own brand without investing lots of money upfront.

Private label is available in the Zendrop pro plan.

Custom Packaging is also available in the Zendrop pro plan.

This is where you add your logo or custom print to your packages.

Keep in mind that both options do not come free, you will have to request a quote from Zendrop and you’ll have to comply with certain MOQs (minimum order quantities).


  • Private labeling: 100-200 units
  • Custom packaging: 1000 – 2000 units

US Fulfillment

All products found on Zendrop are stored and fulfilled within the United States. 

This means you can deliver products domestically at super fast shipping times. 

Bulk Order Fulfillment

With bulk order fulfillment, you can fulfill all your orders at once. 

Unlike with AliExpress dropshipping apps where you usually have to fulfill each order separately and go through the AliExpress checkout process, with Zendrop you can fulfill everything at the click of a button.

Auto Fulfillment

While bulk ordering allows you to fulfill everything at once, auto fulfillment means the Zendrop team takes care of your fulfillment for you.

With this premium feature, you can sit back, relax and never have to worry about fulfillment again.

Zendrop Pricing

Zendrop only comes in 2 packages:

Free and Pro.

Yep! Zendrop is free to use.

And unlike Spocket, they give you access to a whole lot more than just the ability to check out their product catalog.

With Zendrop free, you can actually run a dropshipping store and fulfill products. 

The pro plan will cost you $49 per month or $33 per month if you take an annual subscription.

zendrop pricing

What does the free Zendrop plan get you? 

  • 50 orders per month
  • Unlimited product imports
  • US Suppliers
  • Bulk Order fulfillment
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Product Sourcing
  • 24/7 support (email)
  • Analytics Dashboard

For a free plan, Zendrop really provides value here.

I like that they went for the same type of deal as Oberlo. 

Two plans where the free plan taps out at 50 orders per month.

I like this because once you reach 50 orders per month, you are profitable enough to be able to afford a more premium pricing plan.

The free plan does not come with private labeling, custom packaging and any of the other premium stuff.

What does the Pro Zendrop plan get you?

  • Every feature from Zendrop free
  • Unlimited orders
  • 24/7 Express email support and live chat
  • Auto fulfillment
  • Thank you cards
  • Dispute management
  • Express Shipping
  • Zendrop Academy

What is Zendrop Select?

what is zendrop select?

Zendrop Select is an invite-only platform created by Zendrop.

This exclusive-platform focusses on high-volume sellers.

What do you get?

  • The best pricing
  • Custom packaging/private labeling
  • US fulfillment
  • Custom tailored experience
  • Dedicated Zendrop team

So now you’re thinking, how much do they ask for this?

They don’t.

Zendrop select costs a whopping $0 per month.

At this point Zendrop just wants to be your business partner and they no longer require fees.

I love this about Zendrop. It shows they care about you as a dropshipper, your business and your success. 

It shows they aren’t just out for your money like some other dropshipping services out there.

I won’t review this part of Zendrop as I do not have access to Zendrop Select.

You can apply for Zendrop Select in which case they’ll ask you the following questions:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Shopify store URL
  • Name of your business
  • How did you find us
  • What is (approximately) your current monthly sales volume)
  • How long have you been dropshipping?
  • What country are you from?
  • Where are you currently fulfilling from?
  • What do you like about your current supplier?
  • What do you not like about your current supplier?
  • What type of an opportunity would encourage you to make a fulfillment supplier change?

Zendrop Review — Signing up, Dashboard and UI

zendrop review — dashboard and UI

Installing Zendrop is easy.

You sign up for the free plan on their website (name, email, password — easy.) and link your Shopify store by filling in the URL.

That’s it. You now have access to the Zendrop dashboard.

The Zendrop dashboard looks very clean and has a very simple user interface.

You can search for products immediately in the dashboard and filter them by niche, suppliers and price range.

The top navigation bar has links for your store analytics, finding products, import list, my products and your orders tab.

To import a product to your store, you simply search for a product and select add to import list.

After that, you can choose to personalize it and push it to your Shopify store.

When your receive an order (or more) you press the fulfill all orders button and Zendrop takes care of the rest. 

Functionality-wise, it doesn’t get much better than this. Zendrop not only looks good but the dashboard is also very snappy and easy to use. 

Zendrop Review — Product Catalog & Pricing

When you first install Zendrop, they give you a little warning that reads ‘don’t compare us to AliExpress’. 

zendrop pricing review vs aliexpress pricing

And they are right, you shouldn’t compare the pricing of a service like this to those with AliExpress.

But you should still consider it, because after all if you pay too much for the product, your profit margins crumble.

Especially when using Facebook Ads, with a product too expensive — you might be left with zero profits.

So let’s compare some products.

yoga mat on aliexpress vs zendrop

As you can see, this yoga mat costs a total of $17.49 on AliExpress. 

According to the estimated delivery times, this product will take 40 days in total to get here. 

The same product on Zendrop, costs $23.

yoga mat on zendrop vs aliexpress

However, you still have to choose a shipping method.

When opting for the regular shipping option, you’ll pay $2 on top of your order but your product will be delivered in 10-20 days.

Our total cost in this case, is $25. That’s $8 more than your total cost with AliExpress.

After looking up some dropshipping stores that sell this mat, I found out they sell them for anywhere between $40-50.

So let’s say you can sell them for $50.

If we can create a Facebook advertisement for this mat at this price point, we want a maximum CPP (cost per purchase) of $17.

Let’s assume we get that $17 CPP. 

This would leave us with $8 profit on Zendrop when we sell our product for $50.

And $16 profit on AliExpress for the same product.

That’s 2X more profit when using an AliExpress supplier for this particular product.

The $8 profit still works though, if you’re able to scale the ad up.

This is of course an illustrative example and if you’ve been out there, you know that it’s hard to reach past the break-even point. 

That’s why AliExpress dropshipping is so popular, you can find just about any product for a very affordable price.

But you have to take the slow shipping times, and less than ideal supplier relationships with it.

For example, with AliExpress you will encounter many angry customers, returns and other expenses and hassles.

Something you will experience far less when using a premium service like Zendrop.

With Zendrop, you have a more limited product catalog but you get faster shipping, more reliable product fulfillment, custom packaging, and more premium options.

Sure Zendrop pricing is expensive but you also have to keep in mind that no other service will ever be able to compete with AliExpress pricing.

In the end, it’s up to you what’s best for your dropshipping business.

Some businesses won’t be able to thrive under the lower profit margins, while others will only improve from the increased delivery times and branding options.

Zendrop vs uDroppy

What do uDroppy and Zendrop have in common?

Each provides the following services:

  • Bulk order fulfillment
  • Private label
  • Custom packaging
  • Samples
  • Product sourcing

What uDroppy provides that Zendrop doesn’t:

  • Merchant success manager (pro plan)
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Multi Store Management
  • Virtual Warehousing
  • ASIA/EU fulfillment

What Zendrop provides that uDroppy doesn’t: 

  • Automated fulfillment
  • Zendrop Academy

Read also: uDroppy review


Zendrop has two plans free and pro ($49/mo).

uDroppy has no free plans with the first plan starting at $15.83/mo.

Other plans are:

  • traction ($40.83/mo)
  • Pro ($124.16/mo)
  • Platinum ($166/mo)

If you want access to private labeling, custom packaging, merchant success manager and virtual warehousing features you need to have the expensive $124.16/mo plan. 

While private labeling and custom packaging is available with Zendrop for $49/mo.

Clearly, uDroppy has more features but Zendrop provides far more affordable options.

Zendrop vs uDroppy — My thoughts

I prefer Zendrop over uDroppy because they have a free plan available.

Their paid plan only costs $49/mo and instantly gives you access to private labeling and custom packaging, should you need that.

With uDroppy on the other hand, you need to pay a whopping $124.16/mo for the same features.

Sure you get extras such as a merchant success manager, access to virtual warehousing and more but that still doesn’t justify the price in my opinion.

My Review of Zendrop

zendrop review

I think Zendrop provides a very nice and complete service.

I absolutely love that they have a free plan available with no strings attached.

Anyone can get started with Zendrop easily and for free. 

Their dashboard is snappy and super easy to use.

Importing products is simple and straight forward and order fulfillment is amazing with just a click of a button. 

I love that they have US suppliers and the amount of branding possibilities that come with their PRO plan which I think is reasonably priced at $49 a month.

The only issue I have with a service like Zendrop is the product pricing.

If you’re working with free traffic sources, Zendrop is perfect for you.

But if you’re working with Facebook Ads for example, it’ll be a lot harder to become profitable with your advertising campaigns.

This can be difficult, especially for beginner drop shippers who are still figuring out Facebook Ads.

That’s why I recommend Zendrop to intermediate and advanced drop shippers. 

And for the high-volume sellers, there’s always Zendrop Select!

This concludes my review of Zendrop. I give them 4.5 stars. 

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